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This blog describes the options currently available to integrate SAP Asset Intelligence Network with AP EAM and specifically SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) and SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS). This blog is to disseminate information for the SAP Asset Intelligence and SAP EAM communities and should not be used as a replacement for SAP Help and Note documentation.

All integration options are based on SAP Notes and important to note that, these notes are only applicable for SAP ERP ECC and not applicable for S/4HANA releases/FPs.

There are 3 integration scenarios covered:

  • Visualization of SAP Asset Intelligence Network model information in SAP PM side panel

  • Replication and synchronization of master data

  • Managing announcements process between SAP Asset Intelligence Network and SAP EAM

Visualization of SAP Asset Intelligence Network Model information in SAP PM Side Panel using SAP Business Client (previously known as NetWeaver Business Client)

Manufacturers of industrial equipment provide a lot of information regarding their models like:
•Model header information
•Characteristics (Attributes)
•Announcements (Service Bulletins, Recall Notices etc.)

This information can be visualized in the side panel as shown below:

The side panel feature on the Business Client desktop / portal will allow the display of information for SAP Asset Intelligence Network models linked to SAP PM Equipment or Functional Locations and their related notifications and work orders.

Link to SAP Note:

To display relevant Model information of an equipment, the first step is to “link” the correct SAP Asset Intelligence Network Model to the SAP PM Equipment. This is based on the Manufacturer name and Model number. An alternative is to use the Construction Type. A new transaction is provided to search and rank suitable models and to make the link.

For the Side panel to display the relevant SAP Asset Intelligence Network model information, the below Note should be implemented to establish the link between the SAP PM object (equipment or functional location) and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network model.

Link to SAP Note:

Replication and Synchronization of SAP Asset Intelligence Network documents as SAP DMS documents


A key part of the model content provided by the manufacturers is documents e.g. operating instructions, maintenance instructions, drawings etc. If Operators are using SAP DMS, then the following note should be implemented. It provides functionality to replicate documents for relevant SAP Asset Intelligence Network models to the on premise system and for these to be available from the relevant SAP PM Equipment or Functional Location.

Link to SAP Note:

Document Replication/Synchronization between EAM & AIN

Link to SAP Note:


Replication and Synchronization of SAP PM Equipment to SAP Asset Intelligence Network Equipment


Customers who want to collaborate with external parties (OEMs, Service Providers, Spares Vendors, Certification authorities) in the context of a technical object, and want to be able to quickly populate their SAP Asset Intelligence Network instance with all the technical objects from their SAP PM system will need to implement the note below. This also includes the option to replicate and synchronize SAP class and characteristics to SAP Asset Intelligence Network Attributes or vice versa.

Important Note: All SAP PM Functional Locations are transferred as SAP Asset Intelligence Network “Equipment”. This is for the customers who do not use SAP PM Equipment but use SAP PM Functional Locations instead.


As part of this note, a global configuration at the Equipment, Functional Location, Template and Model level in SAP PM is provided. Customers can use this configuration to decide at the Equipment/Functional Location header and template level, which system would be the source of truth.

Link to SAP Note:


SAP Asset Intelligence Network Announcement Processing in SAP EAM

Manufacturer Announcements for Models occurring in SAP Asset Intelligence Network can create Work-Items and Notifications for SAP PM Equipment/Functional Location. Work Items are created for the imported selected announcements based on a Business Rules Framework Plus (BRF+) ruleset. The BRF+ ruleset is used to determine the number of work items to be created for an SAP Asset Intelligence Network Announcement and the position of the person within the organization to whom the work item should be assigned to as a processor. This is done based on the combination of Announcement Type, Manufacturer and Plant.

Link to SAP Note:


  • Supported ERP releases: ERP EHP 6 and above.

  • NetWeaver Business Client 3.5 or above is required to integrate side panel with the EAM applications.

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