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In this webinar series we will ask you, integration developer, which problems you would like us to solve. for more details please read the following blog.

We will decide on a topic one week before the webinar. We will post the recording of the webinar and any slides here once the webinar is over. Unfortunately, we have run into a legal problem with exposing solutions via Github. Once we find a resolution to our problem, we will make the solutions available.


AttendSAP Connect

Call details will be made available in the SAP Connect webinar 5 minutes before the start of the event.

Rules of engagement: We ask you to please use your company email address as your Guest Name when joining the SAP Connect session. By asking for this we hope to avoid requiring registration for future webinars. If we can not identify you properly by your guest name (name and company) you may be denied access to the SAP Connect session.

2017 Technology RIG  Webinars: Integration Q&A

Wednesday February 8, 2017

New York: 11am; Berlin 17:00Uhr; Bengaluru 9:30pm

How do I implement Exactly Once messaging in HCI?

Speaker: daniel.bianchin, SAP Technology RIG

Recording: YouTube

Wednesday April 5, 2017

New York: 11am; Berlin 17:00Uhr; Bengaluru 9:30pm

How do I implement Groovy Scripts in HCI?

Next, we will demonstrate all the power of Groovy scripting applied to three different types of functionalities like handling transformations, creating user defined functions and interacting

with internal components like monitoring attachments.

Speaker: daniel.bianchin, SAP Technology RIG

Recording: YouTube

Wednesday May 3, 2017

New York: 11am; Berlin 17:00Uhr; Bengaluru 9:30pm

Topic 1: How do I find out more information about my HCI tenant?

In this introduction, Morton will share his HCI Tracker that will help you find out which version and components are available in your HCI tenant.

Speaker: 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a, KMD DK

Topic 2: Can you show me some best practices on how to monitor and troubleshoot my iFlow?

Next, Ilya Stepanov will tackle advanced topics in monitoring, tracing and scripting to help integration developers better understand how to monitor and track messages in their integration flows.

Speaker: ilya.stepanov, SAP Market Entry Team

Recording: available soon

Wednesday June 7, 2017

New York: 11am; Berlin 17:00Uhr; Bengaluru 9:30pm

How do I call a BAPI from HCI?

In this session we will show you have to call a BAPI from HCI. This will cover creating a Web Service, exposing the web service, maintaining the context and calling the BAPI Commit.

Speaker: johannes.hirling, SAP Consulting

Recording: available by June 21, 2017

Wednesday September 6, 2017

New York: 11am; Berlin 17:00Uhr; Bengaluru 9:30pm

How do I ...?

Speaker: TBD

Recording: available by September 20, 2017