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SAP Project and Portfolio Management has been integrated with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP10.
The project management module in SAP Solution Manager helps in the following:

  • Managing scope, timeline and budget of projects in an integrated way

  • Define the resource demand and search for suitable resources (for example based on qualification)

  • Track and monitor the execution of your projects

  • Collaborate with project team members

  • Plan your detailed project costs

Therefore PPM functionality within SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and now in 7.2 is an integration hub for project data from multiple systems and synchronizes  attributes, authorizations and status between project, requirements, changes, testing to ensure up-to-date data and provides a complete overview of ongoing projects for the project managers and/or administrators. In this blog we will focus on the integration of requirements and change management with project management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

There are some configuration steps to be done to integrate PPM with Change and Requirements Management.

1. Perform the following tasks as described in the IMG document for integrating Requirements with SAP PPM.

2. Perform the following tasks as described in the IMG document for integrating ChaRM with SAP PPM.

a. Activate Integration of Scenarios for project types --
In this IMG step, indicate the project types that will be use as part of the PPM project.

b. The next is to map transaction types to task types. Then, for each mapping, maintain the task and transaction type, the creation and assignment mode. See IMG document for more details

c. In the map transaction types to task types, the status of the transaction types and how it correlates with the creation of task is specified.

d. In the restrict transaction assignment to specified status values, the activity controls the assignment of transactions in change request management to tasks in the project management, depending on the statuses. If there is at least one entry for a transaction type, transactions of this type can only be assigned if they have a status that is defined in this activity. If there is no entry for a transaction type, the assignment can be made for any status.

3. Open the PPM URL

Create a PPM project of type “maintenance” in the example below.

Create a task

Now you can assign either a requirement management document to the transaction tab. It can also be a change document. Depends on how it has been configured.

A creation of a task can also automatically create a change document and this will also depend on how the configuration was done as shown in 2.b

You could also create a task directly from the CRM UI Request for Change.

The Part 1 of this blog is in the link…anager-72-part-1/