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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This blog post aims to collect all links to Blogs and Documents that provide tutorials and information about the Custom Code data source for Integration Gateway in SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SMP).

Based on the component Integration Gateway in SMP, you can provide OData services, that expose data that is fetched from different data sources - like Database, JPA, REST-services, etc

The Custom Code option gives the developer more freedom to provide data by manually implementing the necessary code.

The following tutorials show how to do that and give practical examples.


* READ operation, very simplified

* WRITE operation

* FUNCTION IMPORT, very simplified

Example implementations

* Example for Custom Code implementation

* Example for Custom Code, connecting to a Microsoft Excel file as data source

Integration Gateway: Understanding CUSTOM CODE data source [5]: MS Excel 

* Example for calling an OSGi bundle to provide data

This tutorial uses the Custom Code data source to call Java API that is located on an OSGi bundle that is running on the SMP server.

The tutorial is split in 4 parts, the second part covers the creation of the OData service based on the custom code data source

Integration Gateway: Modularizing OData project [1]: OSGi bundle

Integration Gateway: Modularizing OData project [2]: OData service

Other topics

* Installing SMP Toolkit:

How to install SAP Mobile Platform Tools for Integration Gateway in Eclipse IDE

* Tutorial for OData provisioning:

Creating an OData service based on SAP Gateway, SOAP, JDBC and JPA data sources

* Preparing Eclipse for Groovy scripting:

* The series of tutorials about the REST data source. Many implementation details are also relevant for the "Custom Code" data source.

* General collection of tips for working with Integration Gateway

Integration Gateway: Tips n Tips