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Do you know what needs to be considered when configuring transaction handling in your integration flow? Do you know how to properly size your integration flow? Do you know how to collect related messages with your integration flow?

I am very excited to announce that the initial version of guidelines to design enterprise-grade integration flows has been published on SAP Help Portal. As an integration developer, you need to make sure that you design integration flows in a robust fashion in order to safeguard your company's mission-critical business processes. The design guidelines provide you with a valuable asset to build enterprise-grade integration flows in SAP Cloud Integration.

The initial version comprises 30 guidelines spread across 7 categories such as resource management, error handling, and security. For each design guideline, one or more reference integration flows are documented. You can access the integration flows from SAP API Business Hub as explained in the documentation. The integration flows are designed to focus on one dedicated guideline or pattern to make it easy for you to understand the topic. Each integration flow can be deployed and executed with minimum effort. That way, you can test each guideline or pattern on your own. You can use each reference integration flow as basis to create more complex scenarios.

The guidelines complement the information provided in the troubleshooting guide for SAP Cloud Integration. While the troubleshooting guide helps you to troubleshoot common problems faced when developing, deploying and executing integration flows, the design guidelines will enable you to design your integration flow in a robust fashion minimizing the risk to introduce non-functional flaws into your integration flow.

Going forward we plan to extend the design guidelines with more content. In case of questions or feedback please feel free to comment on this blog. Stay tuned…