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How many times we had to create integration directory objects manually when a new client was created for testing or when a receiver/sender system name had changed.

For example we had already created configuration objects in ID using client XXX. Now due to various reasons(example - client copy, one more integration testing with another client, some customers might use one client for unit testing & a different client for string testing) objects needs to be created in integration directory for the new client YYY.

With PI 7.31 SP04 the copy object button for Configuration Scenario opens a new tool which can be used for mass copying of objects. Using this option we can copy all the objects(receiver determination, integrated configuration, channels, receiver agreement, etc) which are part of a configuration scenario.


Use Case Example - Objects for System RD1 client 100 are created in integration directory. There is a need to also integrate RD1 client 120. So objects for RD1 client 120 needs to be created in Integration Directory.

  •      Select the configuration scenario & right click to get the copy option.


  • The copy configuration scenario tool will now start.


  • Click on Continue to enter new configuration scenario name which needs to be created. The tool proposes name with _copy and this can be changed to any name. In this example i changed the name to _IT.


  • Clicking on Continue will take us to the option where we can select the system mapping. In this example we would change one Business Component & Business System.


         Note that the systems should already be created in the SLD. If the business system exist in SLD then the system will be imported in integration directory if its not yet imported. If a business service does not exist then a new business service will be created. Entering invalid business system name will throw error. It is also possible to use a text file to upload the system name.         

  • Next it will show the list of objects which will be created/reused/modified.


Note that i took a demo scenario typically there will be multiple configuration scenarios & each scenario will have lot more objects. If any existing objects are modified then a warning will be raised. Clicking on the object name in the below screen will open the object in new window. We can then decide what needs to be done.                        

  • Finally click on continue to generate the objects.


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