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Want to know about the latest and greatest product updates and features enhancements of SAP Cloud Integration? Then, our developer's corner is your one stop shop!

Here, you will learn everything about the new features in SAP Cloud Integration, focusing on usage with all the 5 W’s & 1 H answered – why do we need this feature, when and where should this be used, what problem is it solving, who can use this and how should this be used with common mistakes to be avoided. All this and more, described with real-life examples by our product team and developers who built it.

Also newly introduced to our Developer's corner is a series of blogs from our Customer Success Team who work closely with SAP application teams for building their integration content as well as co-innovate with our customers are partners. Blogs from our customer success team will provide you insights on how complex and real integration use-cases can be achieved with the product.

This is an effort from our side to help our community users to be abreast with the monthly product enhancements and is complementary to our product documentation.

The section will features blogs covering enhancements in various aspects of the product like tooling, runtime, connectivity via the numerous adapters, B2B capabilities etc and will be regularly updated with the blogs on newer capabilities released.


Newer capabilities in the adapters to make it more secure and reliable.

How to setup a secure SFTP connection

Using Poll-Enrich with SFTP Adapter

How to use RFC adapter to execute remote function module on ABAP system

How to establish secure connectivity to on-premise mail server 

How to Setup Secure Outbound HTTP Connection using Keystore Monitor

How to Setup Secure Inbound HTTP Connection with Client Certificates

Configure Asynchronous Messaging with Retry Using JMS Adapter

How to configure Session Handling in Integration Flow 

How to provision Message Broker

How to configure Dead Letter Handling in JMS Adapter

Batch Operation in OData V2 Adapter

How to setup and use the Partner Directory

Partner Directory – Partner Dependent XML Structures and IDs

Secure connectivity with the cloud connector

How to develop your custom adapter

Partner Directory – Sender Partner Connecting with Client Certificate Authentication

Partner Directory – Partner Dependent User Credential Selection

Partner Directory – Mass Configuration

Know the JMS Resource and Size Limits

Checks in JMS Message Queue Monitor

How to configure Transaction Handling in Integration Flow

How to Perform Upsert Operation using SuccessFactors Soap Adapter

Batch Request with multiple operations on multiple entity sets support in OData Adapter

How to send mail from Cloud Integration using the SAP Cloud Platform service “Live Link for IN365-Em...

How to Fetch Delta Record from SuccessFactors using SuccessFactors Soap Adapter

How to configure Retry Handling in SuccessFactors OData V2 Adapter

How to configure SOAP Adapter – Web Service Security

Learn all about the process direct adapter

OData V2 Query wizard

Configuring SAP AS4 Receiver Adapter for Australian Taxation Office

XI Sender Adapter 

XI Receiver Adapter 

Adapter API for Adapter Development

How to use WSDLs in the SOAP Adapter

AS2 Sender Adapter with Best Effort Quality Of Service (QoS)

OAuth2 Client Credentials Support in OData V2 Adapter

Principal Propagation with SuccessFactors OData V2

Integration Flow Extension Using ProcessDirect Adapter

OData V2 Headers Propagation and Response Body

OData V2 Function Import

Configuring Explicit Retry in Exception Sub-Process for XI Adapter Scenarios

Encrypted and/or Signed Mails in Mail Sender Adapter

Usage of XI Adapter in Send and Request-Reply Step

Principal Propagation to SCP-Cloud Foundry Applications

Enable Certificate Based Authentication in Custom Adapters

Configuring JDBC Adapter

OData V4 Outbound Adapter

How to Connect to an On-Premise sftp server via Cloud Connector 

Configuring ID Mapping in XI Receiver Adapter

Configuring Scenario with XI Sender handling Multiple Interfaces

Enhanced Pagination in SuccessFactors OData V2 Outbound Connector

Headers whitelisting in OData V2 Outbound Connector

Working with AS4 adapter 

A Simple Demo Scenario Using the JDBC Adapter

Usage of the Elster Adapter

How to create a sample integration scenario using Open Connectors Adapter

Sending Signed and/or Encrypted Mails in Mail Receiver Adapter

Accessing and Setting SOAP Headers in an Integration Flow

Sending Signed and/or Encrypted Mails in Mail Receiver Adapter

Connecting to Messaging Systems using the AMQP Adapter

Developing Custom Adapters to access On-Premise systems 

SAP Enterprise Messaging and SAP Cloud  Integration (Pub/Sub Pattern)

Connect CPI with Your On-Premise Mail Server

Search Operation in LDAP Adapter

Access an On-Premise Database Using CPI

How to Connect to an Amazon MQ service using the AMQP Adapter

Dynamically Configure the SFTP Receiver Adapter 

Connecting to FTP(S)-servers using the FTP Adapter

Using Apache Camel Redis component as SAP Cloud Integration Adapter

Connecting to MongoDB server from SAP Cloud  Integration using Camel MongoDB component

Apache Camel Community adapters usage in SAP Cloud  Integration

Using the JDBC Adapter to Implement a Robust Scenario that Handles an Exception

Connect to Microsoft 365 Mail with OAuth2

Kafka Adapter in Cloud Integration

OAuth2 SAML Bearer/X.509 Certificate Authentication Support in SuccessFactors Connector 

Prinicpal Propagation to Backend ABAP System using RFC

Monitoring Polling Status in Kafka Sender Adapter

Single Sign On to Open Connectors in SAP Integration Suite with Azure AD (custom IDP)

Principal Propagation from Cloud Foundry to Successfactors System

Setting SOAP Fault Messages for a SOAP based Sender Channel

Exactly Once setup for IDoc and XI receivers

Inbuilt Retry option for HTTP Receiver Adapter

How to Connect to an On-Premise AMQP server via Cloud Connector

Single Sign On to SAP Cloud Integration (CPI runtime) from an external Identity Provider 

Cloud Integration: Advanced Event Mesh Adapter, Client Certificate, AEM 

Cloud Integration: AMQP Adapter, Client Certificate, Solace PubSub+ [4]: iFlow 

Cloud Integration: AMQP Adapter, Client Certificate, Solace PubSub+ [3]: Solace Config 

Cloud Integration: AMQP Adapter, Client Certificate, Solace PubSub+ [2]: Certificate Chain 

Cloud Integration: AMQP Adapter, Client Certificate, Solace PubSub+ [1]: Intro 

New Release Available: SAP Cloud Connector 2.17.0 

Developer Efficiency

Aid Integration Developers to address non-functional aspects like resource consumption, performance, and reliability.



Using Integration Suite Piper commands in GitHub Actions (CI/CD) platform 

To avoid Binding Variables in Groovy Scripts

Stream the XMLSlurper input in Groovy Scripts

How to Guard Against Huge Messages

Avoid Storing Payloads in the Message Processing Log

IP whitelisting incoming requests into cloud integration

How to Avoid Excessive Storage Load Caused by MPL Attachments for Message Logging 

Automated Notification for Critical or Exhausted JMS Resources

Bookmarking Artifacts

How to encrypt/decrypt XML payload with AES256-CBC and RSA Algorithm

Usability and development productivity improvements in webUI 

Enhanced User Experience with Context-Sensitive Help

External Version Management of Artifacts using GIT

Handling Large Data with Content Enricher and OData v2 adapter

Optimizing Memory footprint of your integration flows

Receive Notifications for Failed CPI Flows via Any Channel with Alert Notification

Connecting CPI with SAP HANA service using XS Odata approach 

Managing extension to standard content through Custom Exits

Making SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud  Integration more reliable and performant

Integration Flow improvements – Example Flow using Datastore

Designtime Artifact Locks in SAP Cloud Integration

Daylight Savings in SAP Cloud Integration

CI/CD for SAP Integration Suite

Reuse of message mapping

Working with Integration Suite Piper commands

SAP Cloud Integration Supporting further Exactly Once Scenarios

Integration with SAP Master Data Integration (MDI) service

OData API in SAP Cloud Integration for Beginners

SAP Integration Suite - Design Guidelines in the integration flow editor of SAP Cloud Integration 



Enhancements to integration modeling in the web application.

Managing Integration Flow Resources

Externalizing parameters

Message mapping simulation

Product Profiles

Behavior of new Splitter version

Message mapping support with multiple output functions

New and Improved web UI Integration flow editor

How to add resources to your Integration flow in the web UI

Versioning & migration of components of an Integration Flow 

Customized Scheduling for integrations

“Stop on Exception” for Iterating/General Splitter

Learn how to manage your integration flow "problems"

Grouping Option of Iterating/General Splitter

Learn about the usage of Splitter in Local Process

Importing Message Mapping from ES Repository to Cloud Integration

Finding fields in Message Mapping

CSV import support in Value Mapping

Multi Mapping support in Message Mapping

Accessing existing Headers via Content Modifier & Write Variables

Message mapping display queue

Principal Propagation to SAP Cloud Platform (Neo) Applications

Working with XML Validator

Integration flow copy

Using Parallel Processing in General and Iterating Splitter

Usage of General and Iterating Splitter with Exception Handling

Search in Message Mapping Editor

XSLT Mapping is enriched with XSLT 3.0 specification 

Add Child entities to already created entities with OData Adapter

Integration Splitter pattern in CPI

Filter component is enriched with XPath 3.1 capabilities

Payload structure for SuccessFactors Upsert in CPI

Enrichments of Externalization Feature

OData Service in CPI with $expand and deepInsert

Copy Message Mapping

Download and Upload of Message Mapping

Integration Flow Simulation

Custom Tags

ZIP and Compress Capabilities: Encoder, Decoder, Splitter, Aggregate

Access Policies: Defining Roles on Artifact Level

Access Policy for securing design artifacts in Cloud Integration designer

Reusable script collection

Flow Step Recommendations

Integration flow simulation in the edit mode

Swagger/OpenAPI Spec JSON in Message Mapping

Configure Multiple Integration Flows

“Revamped” Integration Flow Editor in Web Application

Simulate Integration flow with various types of body files

Import and Export PGP Secret Key – Change PGP Secret Key Password 

Copy and Paste feature in the Integration Flow Editor

Copy & Paste of Multiple Flow Steps Within & Across Integration Flows-Part 2

Deep dive into Content Modifier

“Settings” for Message Mapping

Dynamically assign and execute Message Mapping Artifacts in Integration Flow (SAP Integration Suite)

Advanced Scheduler Configuration

User Propagation in Transport

Cloud Integration: Manually Encrypt/Decrypt XML payload based on XML-Enc Standard 

SAP Cloud Integration: Understanding the XML Encryption Standard 

SAP Cloud Integration: How to call DocuSign from iFlow: Authentication 

SAP Cloud Integration: Understanding the XML Digital Signature Standard 

Cloud Integration: Manually Sign / Verify XML payload based on XML Signature Standard 


Operations and Monitoring

Enhancements to integration content monitoring, message monitoring and more.


Setting the Log Level for Message Processing

Audit Log in Web UI Monitor

Renewal of SAP owned keys in Keystore Monitor

Automated Notification of Keystore Entries Reaching Expiry

How to enable Trace for Message Processing

How to download system logs

Troubleshooting Message Processing in Cloud Integration

Enhancements to Message Processing Log Viewer

New Visualization for Adapter Endpoints of Integration Artifacts

Enabling Tracing of Exchange Properties in MPL

Mark MPL enteries upon select on a Flow Step in the Integration Flow 

Automated Notification for Client Certificates Reaching Expiry

How to maintain notification contacts for SAP Cloud  Integration

System Landscape considerations for On-boarding

Cloud Integration and Enterprise Messaging FAQs

Error Forwarding from SAP Cloud Integration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Message Monitor

Error Forwarding from SAP Cloud Integration to SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise SAP Application Interface Fra...

Downloading CPI Connections Report

Usage Analytics

Malware scanner in SAP Cloud Integration

Deployment status in the Integration Flow Editor

Central monitoring of integration scenarios using SAP Cloud ALM

Centralized health monitoring of SAP Cloud Integration using SAP Cloud ALM (part II)

Principal Propagation in SAP Integration Suite

Inspecting and Understanding Resource Consumption of your Integration Content

Interactive Reporting Dashboard for SAP Cloud Integration using SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Cloud Integration ADK

Ability to build extensions using the developer kit.

Extension of runtime capabilities using Blueprint Metadata in Cloud Integration SDK

Enabling Certificate Based Authentication in Custom Adapters

Custom Adapter(ADK) Readiness for New Runtime

Integration Suite – Developing Custom Adapters with IDE of Your Choice

Integration Suite – Versioning a Custom Adapter

OData provisioning

Developing and managing OData services.


OData Service Project vs Integration Project: A comparison

OData Service in $batch Mode

OData Service in CPI for Beginners

From OData Provisioning (Cloud Foundry) to SAP Integration Suite

Overview of OData API Documentation

B2B capabilities

Enhancements enabling B2B integration.

Update on B2B capabilities

B2B blog series- 1 : AS2 inbound scenario

B2B blog series- 2: AS2 scenario with message compression, signing and encryption

Working with Number Ranges

Activating and Managing Enterprise Messaging Capabilities ( AS2, JMS and XI Adapter)

SAP Trading Partner Management and B2B Monitoring

B2B Scenarios in SAP Integration Suite for TRADACOMS EDI Standards 



Empowering users to manage their own integration.



Keystore Monitor for Tenant Administrator 

Backup and Restore of Keys and Certificates using Keystore Monitor

JMS calculator


Learn about the content transport mechanisms

Transport using CTS+

Content transport using CTS+ PART I

Content Transport using CTS+ PART II 

Integration content transport using the Transport Management Service (Beta)

How to transport using Transport Management Service (Beta)

The new cloud-based Transport Management Service

Setting up SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management for CPI

Running Cloud Integration content in Process Orchestration

Cloud Integration content re-use in SAP PO

Best practices and Overview

Enhancements in content deployment 

Trouble shooting cloud integration content on Process Orchestration

How to configure Web Service Security (WSS) between CPI SOAP adapter and the SAP PO SOAP adapter

Integration Advisor

Crowd-source based machine learning approach for much faster and more efficient B2B integration.

Learn all about the Integration Advisor

Learn all about B2B/A2A standard libraries and type systems in ICA

Create a customized interface using MIG editor

Create a mapping using MAG editor 

The importance of customized codelists in MIGs

Quickly create your individual code value mappings in MAGs

List of Provided Type Systems

Overview of components and further reading

The importance of customized codelists in message implementation guidelines (MIGs)

Latest B2B/A2A Libraries for creating and maintaining your customized interfaces and APIs

SAP S/4 HANA and Ariba’s cXML type system/type system libraries now available at Integration Content...

How can I customize and generate Message Implementation Guideline hard-copies

GS1 EANCOM Library available in Integration Advisor

Functions at target side – Ordinal number for line items and segment count

Mapping element functions for comparing nodes and values

Mapping element functions, the use of xsl:copy, xsl:copy-of, xsl:sequence, or xsl:value-of

List of supported XSLT elements and XPath functions

Overview of components for building B2B integration content and further reading

MIG Qualification based on multiple Qualifiers

MAG: How to create If-Then-Else Statements in Mapping Elements

Integration Advisor – Extended semantic validation options for MIG structures

GS1 Global Codelists Library are now available

Integration Advisor – new versions for B2B Libraries cXML, ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT 

Integration Advisor – GS1 XML Messages and Namespace Support

Integration Advisor – change in namespace handling of root node

Integration Advisor – New version 2302 for S/4HANA Cloud SOAP Messages 

Restoring the hierarchical order of a flattened source message via the pre-transformation feature in...

Integration Advisor – new versions for S/4HANA SOAP APIs and for B2B Libraries cXML, ASC X12 and TRA...

Integration Advisor – Tradacoms Message Standard 

Integration Advisor – extended support for Custom IDocs 

Cloud Integration APIs

OData APIs in the SAP API Business Hub

Cloud Integration OData API on API Business Hub  

Remote OData API’s for Integration Flows

OData API for accessing the service endpoints


Enabling Consumption based model

Learn how to enable Cloud Integration for consumption based pricing model or pay per use.
Self-service enablement of Cloud Integration service on consumption-based commercial model (pay per ...

Software Updates

Learn all about the update process

Updating SAP Cloud Integration 

Delay software update to safeguard the productive Integration Suite tenant

Low code/ API based development

Route-Through Integration Flow generation based on APIs from API Business Hub in Cloud  Integration

Step towards Building API Based Integrations

Call Microsoft Graph API with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code

Send Mail via Microsoft Graph API with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code


What's New

Announcement and News

SAP Cloud Integration is Now Available on Cloud Foundry (CF)

SAP Cloud Integration Troubleshooting Guide

News and Announcements

SAP Integration Suite Simplification

Customer Test Service & Preview Tenant

Provisioning and Upgrading a Free Tier Tenant

SAP Integration Suite Free Tier is Now Available on SAP BTP!

Next release of the Cloud Connector is available: 2.16.0

What’s New for SAP Integration Suite – August 2023

What’s New for SAP Integration Suite – September 2023

Introducing SAP Business Accelerator Hub Domains

Edge Integration Cell: Hybrid Integrations with Integration Suite

What's New for SAP Integration Suite - January 2024 

What’s New for SAP Integration Suite – February 2024 

Relaunching Integration Suite, Advanced Event Mesh – Repackaging Summary 

Announcement: Hybrid Integrations with Integration Suite 

Graph: new in SAP Integration Suite 

A glimpse at our product strategy for Application Development, Automation and Integration 

Next-gen hybrid integration with SAP Integration Suite & Edge Integration Cell - Introduction & Setu... 

SAP PI/PO migration? Why you should move to the Cloud with SAP Integration Suite! 

SAP Recognized as a Leader in 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS 

Information Map – Introduction Series: Graph in SAP Integration Suite 


Cloud Integration on Cloud Foundry

How to Setup Secure HTTP Inbound Connection with Client Certificates

Enable SAP IAS (Identity Authentication Service) as Custom IdP for Basic Inbound Authentication in C...

Getting Grips on your Cloud Integration Migration from Neo to Cloud Foundry

Integration Flow Guidelines


Integration Flow Design Guidelines for CPI

Enterprise Integration Patterns :Scatter-Gather

Enterprise Integration Patterns : Splitter

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Content Filter

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Content Enricher

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Recipient List

Enterprise Integration Patterns: Content-Based Routing

Enterprise Integration Patterns : Aggregator

Enterprise Integration Patterns : Composed Message Processor

Latest Integration Flow Design Guidelines for CPI – shipments in Q1 & Q2 2020

Integration Flow Design Guidelines for Exactly Once Scenarios

Integration Suite

Integration Suite – Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning

Kickstart your Integration Suite experience with the launchpad

SAP Integration Suite Trial

Accessing Cloud Integration Runtime

How to seamlessly upgrade your tenant to a higher service plan

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery for SAP Integration Suite Artifacts

Exploring API Portal and API Business Hub Enterprise APIs of SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite – Availability of a common & coherent User Interface to work with various capa...

Cloud Connector Update

Auto layout to beautify Integration Flow in the Cloud Integration capability of SAP Integration Suit...

Graph: new in SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite : Consuming Message Types in Message Mapping Flow Step

SAP Integration Suite – Using MessageType artifact to create Message Mapping in Cloud Integration

SAP Integration Suite – Import PI/PO Function Library into Cloud Integration

SAP Integration Suite – Import PI/PO DataType and MessageType objects into SAP Cloud Integration

SAP Integration Suite – Access Policies for Integration Packages 

Supporting Multiple API Gateways with SAP API Management – using Azure API Management as example 

Migration of Integration artifacts from SAP Process Orchestration to Integration Suite

Moving integration artifacts from SAP Process Orchestration to Integration Suite

(Blog series- includes link to migrate channels, certificate, message, value and operation mappings)

Migration tool in Cloud Integration Capability of SAP Integration Suite

Automatically assess your migration from SAP Process Orchestration Systems to SAP Integration Suite ...

Enablement guide for SAP Integration Suite Migration Assessment Capability

Migration templates improvements

Latest migration assessment and migration tool features

 Alerting and Notifications

Monitoring tools for Cloud Integration

Alerting for Cloud Integration

Migration from SAP Cloud Integration (fka CPI) to SAP Integration Suite

Upgrading to SAP Integration Suite for the Multi-Cloud environment

How do you upgrade to SAP Integration Suite (Part 2)

How do you upgrade to SAP Integration Suite (Part 3)

Event driven Integration

SAP Event Mesh: Trial to be retired

Connect Cloud Integration with Azure Event Hubs

SAP’s Event-Driven Ecosystem Revisited

Launch of the Advanced event mesh

Turn your ERP into a Team Player: Introducing SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh

A Perfect Wave: Event Driven Business Architecture

Edge Integration Cell

Edge Integration Cell – Introduction & Setup

Edge Integration Cell - Design, deploy and manage APIs

FAQs on Edge Integration Cell
Pipeline Concept in Cloud Integration

Introducing the new pipeline concept in Cloud Integration 

Applying the pipeline concept for an interface split scenario with order at runtime flag set 

Applying the pipeline concept for an interface split scenario with multiple receiver message types 

Applying the pipeline concept for an interface split scenario with one receiver message type 

Applying the pipeline concept for a point-to-point integration scenario 

Applying the pipeline concept for a multicast integration scenario 

Applying the pipeline concept for an integration scenario in general 

You can also find some of our recommended best practices to develop and manage your integration content published here .

Additionally you can search for how to guides or Knowledge Base Articles (like good old SAP Notes) to find answers to some of the questions or problems faced here .

Hope you find this helpful to stay up-to-date and for developing and running your integration scenarios using SAP Cloud Integration!!