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In the last couple of months we have been quite active on the content side. In this blog post I would like to share with you the latest news regarding B2B and SAP Library versions included in Integration Advisor of SAP Integration Suite.

The picture above depicts the overall building blocks of Integration Advisor. This blog post mainly relates to the Type Systems (B2B Library) area.


Integration Advisor provides now the new SOAP messages from SAP S/4HANA product (On Premise) as well. The content is based on SOAP APIs published by SAP S/4HANA product on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub - more specifically, the SOAP APIs from the version 2022 FPS02 (published on May 26th, 2023).

In my earlier blog post (Link) I had described our new strategy to publish S/4HANA SOAP Messages based on the data from SAP Business Accelerator Hub and had provided more technical background on this approach. Please have a look there for more details.


Additionally we have published the newest version 2308 for the SOAP APIs of SAP S/4HANA Cloud product. The content is based on SOAP APIs from the API package SAP S/4HANA Cloud (published on September 14th, 2023).

This version contains now all messages from this API package - this includes the ones that were excluded for technical reasons in the previous version 2302.


For ASC X12 we have added the version 008040 and now offer altogether 38 versions (from 002001 to 008040).


For cXML we have uploaded 4 new versions – which means, you can now choose between altogether 21 versions (from 1.2.037 to 1.2.059).


Moreover, you might have noticed our newest Type System TRADACOMS (from GS1 UK) in Integration Advisor.

Please note that this TRADACOMS Library is currently only available in preview mode. That is, you can already fully use this Type System in Integration Advisor to model Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs) and define Mapping Guidelines (MAGs). But TRADACOMS messages are not yet supported end-to-end in SAP Integration Suite. Particularly, the required support in EDI flow steps (such as EDI to XML conversion) of Cloud Integration and the handling in Trading Partner Management are not yet released.

I plan to provide more details on TRADACOMS once the end-to-end story is available (currently forecasted for end of the year).


With this latest update, Integration Advisor has added the newest versions for SOAP messages of S/4HANA and S/4HANA Cloud as well as for cXML and ASC X12. This allows you to build your Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs) and Mapping Guidelines (MAGs) based on all the released versions of these SAP and B2B Standards.

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