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Shortly before the holiday season I want to give you a small update regarding B2B Library versions included in the SAP Integration Advisor offering: We have added the latest available versions for ASC X12 (007050, 007060 and 008010) and UN/EDIFACT (D.18A, D.18B, D.19A, D.19B and D.20A).

B2B Libraries in SAP Integration Advisor

SAP Integration Advisor provides you the Message Definitions for frequently used B2B Message Standards. Our offering currently includes the predominantly used B2B Standards ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT plus cXML, EANCOM and Odette. You find them in the "Library of Type System" section of the Integration Advisor.

You can create and maintain your own customized Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs) based on these standard definitions and implement your own Mapping Guidelines (MAGs) using these message definitions.

New Versions for ASC X12

For ASC X12 we have added the versions 007050, 007060 and 008010 and now offer altogether 35 versions (starting from 002001 up to the newest version 008010).

New Versions for UN/EDIFACT

For UN/EDIFACT we have included the versions D.18A, D.18B, D.19A, D.19B and D.20A - which brings the number of supported versions to 57 (starting from 92.1 up to D.20A). Please notice that the next version D.20B has not yet been officially released by UNECE and will be added next year.

New B2B Library for Odette Messages

At the same time, we also added Odette as a completely new B2B Library to our Integration Advisor offering. You can find more details about Odette support in a separate blog post: Link


With this latest update, SAP Integration Advisor has added the newest versions of ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT and allows you to build your Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs) based on all the released versions of these B2B Standards.

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