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With this blog post I would like to inform you about another update to our predefined Type System content in Integration Advisor of SAP Integration Suite: With this update, we now provide the SOAP messages from the newest release 2302 of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The picture above depicts the overall building blocks of Integration Advisor. This blog post mainly relates to the Type Systems (B2B Library) area.

New version 2302 in Integration Advisor

This new version contains a total of 301 SOAP Messages. The new messages are namespace-aware and include all the technical details for correct namespace processing. (For more background on the namespace topic you can refer to this blog post: Link ).

Due to an improved import procedure (WSDL processing) all the required complex types, simple types and codelists are now locally declared and included within the message definitions. Therefore, there are no globally defined Complex Types, Simple Types and Codelists anymore - this is the reason why the according tabs in Integration Advisor contain no content.

Relationship to SAP Business Accelerator Hub

The new content in Integration Advisor is aligned with the content published by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud product on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. More specifically, the content is based on SOAP APIs from the API package SAP S/4HANA Cloud of the newest version 2302 (published on June 15th, 2023).

Integration Advisor displays the API Title and the API Version as additional meta-data for each SOAP Message. Moreover, you will also get the direct link to a Business Documentation for each message. For an illustration you can refer to the next screenshot: The message TransportationOrderGenericRequest comes from the version 1.0.0 of the API Freight Order - Replicate.

Please note that for technical reasons a few APIs had to be excluded and are not part of the current offering. We plan to include them with the next version.

How to find Messages or APIs

Integration Advisor has its focus on messages because you typically need to specify and map business documents on the level of messages. The Business Accelerator Hub, on the other hand, has more focus on complete APIs including all technical information required for API calls. An API can contain one or more messages. Most of the S/4HANA SOAP APIs have only one message plus (in inbound case) a fault message. But there are also some APIs that come with multiple messages.

API names and message names are often quite different. This can make it a bit challenging to find one from the other. Due to our additional meta-data, Integration Advisor helps you simplify this task as well.

For example, assume you know the message name TransportationOrderGenericRequest and want to know the according API for this message. As the screenshot before depicts, you can simply search for the message name and will find the relevant API Freight Order - Replicate in the details. (In the screenshot I used transportationorder as search string and found 9 messages.)

And the same will work vice versa. If you know the API name Freight Order - Replicate, you can use this information as search string and will find all included messages.

Conclusion and Outlook

With this content update you can now build your Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs) and Mapping Guidelines (MAGs) based on the newest version 2302 of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. We are currently working on an update for the SAP S/4HANA product and plan to deliver it later this year.

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