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I had already published some information about  the new Integration Advisor at SCN, such as:

I hope, I have already raised your curiosity and you want to see how the Integration Advisor will work in real. If this is the case, please join us at TechEd && d-code in Berlin on November 11-12, 2014. We're very glad to introduce you Integration Advisor at this years TechEd && d-code and can give you the some details about the

  • IntegrationAdvisor at its revolutionary approach,
  • how it will work with SAP HANA Cloud Integration or even SAP Process Orchestration,
  • the pilot-program which will start in January, 2015, and
  • the planned releases

Planned Sessions at TechEd && d-code in Berlin

In the TechEd && d-code in Berlin there will be a number of sessions about the Integration Advisor.Following sessions are planned, yet:

INT202 -- SAP Process Orchestration as B2B Gateway – Business Partners Integration


In this lecture session, we will give you an update of the newest release of SAP Process Orchestration business-to-business add-on. SAP Process Orchestration business-to-business add-on helps organizations to integrate with their business partners. Trading Partner Management, EDI Dashboards, preshipped message guidelines, technical protocols, and enhanced security makes it a complete B2B gateway solution. This session provides insights into current solutions and road maps. One part of this road map is the introduction of the Integration Advisor.

EXP17708 -- Streamline and Simplify B2B Integration with an Advisor Tool


In this networking session you'll learn all about the Integration Advisor, such as the cloud based tool itself, the current status and the roadmap. You'll get an overview and demo of the new Integration Advisor tool: how it will help streamline and simplify the definition, integration and testing of B2B interfaces and mappings. Furthermore, you can talk with us about the pilot-program and how you can use it in your environment.

INT360 -- Best Practices to Implement SAP Process Orchestration, B2B Add-On Solution


this session to learn best practices and tips and tricks for a successful implementation of SAP Process Orchestration, B2B Add-On solution. Learn how to implement an end-to-end B2B scenario, leverage the new Trading Partner Management, and monitor the B2B message flows. Furthermore, you'll also learn how you can use the Integration Advisor.

We can also set up a separate meeting at the TechEd && d-code in Berlin If you have interest, please drop me a mail via SCN: gunther.stuhec.

About Integration Advisor

The new Integration Advisor is an embedded tool in SAP HCI (HANA Cloud Integration) that will significantly simplify and improve the whole end-to-end flow of a B2B integration process. Integration Advisor opens up completely new dimensions in B2B integration; giving completely new opportunities in extending your business network. The following article describes how this will be enabled by the Integration Advisor. The Integration Advisor's stored content is completely agnostic. Additionally, the Integration Advisor is tightly coupled with SAP HCI and SAP PO (Process Orchestration) runtime, so that the generated content will be directly consumable by both runtimes, SAP HCI and SAP PO (Process Orchestration).