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Product and Topic Expert
In 2022, Google Cloud and SAP has expanded their partnership to enable Native Integration Between Google Workspace and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Announcement. The integration of SAP with Google Workspace allows enterprises to improve the efficiency for any type of collaborative task or process within one shared and secure environment.

This article will explain how to integrate SAP S/4HANA with Google Workspace Using SAP BTP product:  Document Management Service


Google Workspace includes Google Drive as one of its applications. You can integrate Google Drive as a file share with SAP Document Management Service. Google documents can be opened in a web browser using Google UI. Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations can be performed on your Google documents and folders through this integration.

New integrations will allow customers to leverage collaborative features of Google Docs and Google Sheets directly from within their SAP software workflows

Customers can use Google Drive integration with SAP Document Management Service to maximize their workflow efficiency and store their documents. For the integration between Google Drive and SAP Document Management Service, you need a Google Workspace account 
Disclaimer: Google Workspace account requires a separate license subscription 


Google Docs and Google Sheets, integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, will enable new business capabilities, use cases and opportunities for collaborative tasks within small and large organizations alike. Customer benefits include:

  • The efficiency of ready integration, enabling users to adopt the solution quickly

  • The ability to export and import data between SAP software and Google Docs and Google Sheets for instant access to real-time editing and simultaneous collaborative engagements on these documents and spreadsheets

  • The confidence of having a clean data source due to the one-step integration, which enables version control and removes layers of potential translation when sharing application data and documents

Before we get start with the integration , let's learn more about what is SAP Document Management Service?

SAP Document Management Service

Highlights & Features of SAP Document Management BTP Service;

  • Offering a one-stop-shop cloud solution to customers Provides Document Management capabilities on SAP Cloud Platform

  • Exposing APIs for consistent consumption for applications through CMIS standard interface

  • Abstracting the complexities of the underlying CMIS compliant repositories, and exposing the features in a consistent manner for all the consuming business applications

  • Supporting customers Journey by offering connectivity and unified integration to various CMIS compliant Document repository stores which might consist of 3rd party or S/4 HANA DMS systems

  • Delivering a ready to use embeddable standard unified FIORI User Interface for consistent user experience. This UI would also facilitate the cross system sharing scenarios


There are 2 types of Document Management services 

  • SAP Document Management service, application option

Document Management Service, Application Option is a standalone, ready-to-use web application that provides document management capabilities for your enterprise content.

Document Management Service, Integration Option lets you build document management capabilities for your business applications using the integration component or the easy-to-use, reusable UI component.

Get started here: Get Started with Document Management Service, Integration Option



Check this Video:



Integrating Google Workplace with Document Management services on S/4HANA


Steps below:



For integration requirements and Prerequisites , I recommend check guidance below:

Setting Up a Google Workspace Account

Create your Google Workspace Account to connect to Document Management Service, Integration Option.

Creating HTTP Destinations

Create destinations in your SAP BTP subaccount to connect Google Drive with Document Management Service, Integration Option.

Create a Repository Using the Onboarding API for Google Drive

Create your repository to Document Management Service, Integration Option as it's required for establishing a connection with Google Drive.

Supporting CMIS APIs

Following is a list of all supported CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) REST APIs.

Managing Cross-Domain Mapping

Manage cross-domain mapping if your domain is different from the Google Workspace domain.

Establishing Trust Configuration Between ABAP System And SAP BTP

To establish SAML trust to the identity providers generated in the ABAP System, import the SAML identity provider metadata to the Cloud Foundry account.

Setting Up SAML Outbound OAuth Configuration Between SAP S/4HANA Cloud And SAP BTP

Configure SAML Outbound OAuth configuration between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP BTP.

Maintain Business Roles Within the SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Create and maintain business roles based on the selected business catalogs.

Setting Up SAML Outbound OAuth Configuration Between SAP S/4HANA (On Premise) And SAP BTP

Configure SAML Outbound OAuth configuration between SAP S/4HANA (on premise) and SAP BTP.

Maintain Business Roles Within SAP S/4HANA (On Premise)

You can define authorizations for your custom business roles in SAP S/4HANA (On Premise).


The following is a list of various restrictions provided by Google Drive APIs to support Google Workspace Integration.


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If you have any other resources for integrating Google workplace with SAP Document Management BTP service , feel free to share it in the comments below I’m always looking for good contents to share.

Published by

Ramy Salem , CSP BTP

SAP Australia