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Hi All ,

Note: I was/am exploring the different kind of integration possibilities under the cloud & how can we provide the max automation in this Area hence this is a small piece of work I am presenting now & will keep exploring. Thanks.

I am writing this blogpost to share the new developed python library which is going to help us in migrating data from SAP HANA Data Lake to Big query , I am working on this problem since long that how we can establish a very smooth integration between HANA Data Lake & Big Query , but I am done now with the development & first release is ready for installation & also added my code in GitRepo.

Python Library hdltobq -

Source code


A Simple Architecture:


Pre-requisites: You must have your btp trial account up and running & data lake instance should also be running & have your credentials also ready for an open database connectivity

You should also have your gcp trial account ready - & make sure you have downloaded the gcp credentials in json format locally in your system.

Mainly both the cloud accounts should be up and running.


Data Lake Instance:


GCP Instance & Big Query:


    • Now go to your python prompt and install the library

pip install hdltobq

    • If installation is successful then you will be able to import it
      import hdltobq​


    • After Installation try these imports if that's fine then all good to go
      ##Import below libraries...
      import hdltobq
      from hdltobq.hdltobq import BQConnect​


    • Methods for connecting to GCP BQ, Creating tables, Creating datasets & transporting contents
      Sample Inputs
      ###You should have your project & credentials ready for migrating data from Data Lake to BQ
      bq_dataset     = 'bigquery-public-data:hacker_news'    ## Your BQ Dataset if created else create one
      bq_project     = 'igneous-study-316208'             ### This is Mandatory
      bq_credentials = r'C:\Users\ABC\Downloads\igneous-study-316208-d66aebfd83ea.json' ##Mandt
      ##Initialize BQ
      bq =  BQConnect(bq_dataset,bq_project,bq_credentials)
      ##Initialize BQ
      bq =  BQConnect(bq_dataset,bq_project,bq_credentials)
      bq_client, bq_ds = BQConnect.connect2bq(bq)​


    • Create Dataset
      ###Create new Dataset for your tables first.
      lv_ab = BQConnect.create_dataset(bq_client,'HANADL')
      Creating DataSet.....
      Created.. Thanks


    • Create Table 


    • ### Create table ...
      BQConnect.create_tab(bq_client, df, 'HOTEL')
      Started Creating table.....
      Preparing Schema...
      CRITICAL:root:Dataset igneous-study-316208.HANADL.HOTEL already exists, not creating.


    • Finally to transport data to BQ
      ####Command for BQ Insert


          Data Preview from Data Lake


        GCP BQ Output


    • So here we come to an end where we have successfully transferred data from SAP HANA Data Lake to Big Query , Probably we will see the transfer from Big Query to SAP HANA Data Lake in next post - till then take care & Keep learning.


 PS :Finally I am adding a small demo video of my work . thanks


PS: Please don't forget to share your valuable feedback or any use case in mind for implementation or try.