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The goal of this blog series is to update you how you can introduce gamification into an application using HANA Cloud Platform gamification service.

According to the most popular definition, Gamification is

             The use of Game design elements in non-game context       [Deterding et al. 2011]

Gamification employs game design elements such as points, badges, levels, missions and leader boards.

The main idea of applying gamification to a business application is to engage and motivate people by improving their work experience and creating excitement and fun. This not only improves user engagement and adoption but also improves productivity, satisfaction, people morale and helps in making better decisions.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides the gamification service to easily introduce gamification into applications.  Following aspects need to be considered for integrating gamification to an application.

  1. Sending gamification-relevant events
  2. Showing game design elements

More information about these can be found here.

I have chosen JIRA as the application because it has an Atlassian SDK that provides a facility to build and extend JIRA. This allows us to send gamification-relevant events and integrate game design elements in the UI.

I am planning to release following blog posts:

Part 1 Implement game mechanics for JIRA

Part 2 Install Atlassian SDK and create a JIRA plugin

Part 3 Send gamification relevant event to gamification service

Part 4 Show user’s achievements in the profile page

Part 5 Show notifications from the game

Part 6 Introduce Badges,Levels and Leaderboard design elements