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An in-box with superpowers! That’s how I would characterize Workbox, a new app on SAP App Center that helps people organize their tasks – and ultimately, to work faster and more productively. You know how you have to log onto multiple systems to gather information, figure out what you have to do each day, and prioritize your work? What if you could see all that you need in one place?

That is exactly the question that Incture Technologies went about answering with the development of Workbox. The 11-year-old company aims to integrate processes and people to help businesses maximize their potential. A task-management app like Workbox exemplifies what Incture can do – enhancing usability and proficiency by cutting out the inefficiencies.

I talked to Priya Rao, who manages the Workbox program at Incture, to learn more about the app and the problems it solves. She explained that Workbox can integrate with multiple systems, thus addressing the need for a custom in-box that will work across the different systems that people use to do their work.

“The systems don’t talk to each other,” Priya explained. “For example, say you are a sales representative who has to provide complicated quotes, travel extensively and needs to maintain SLAs with specific details in several systems. Workbox provides them all in a unified place.”

Workbox also provides pre-packaged workflows and user-interface templates that facilitate bringing in rapid value to customers. Multiple systems, workflows and all the various tasks are consolidated into a single, effective in-box. It is a platform for the process owners, process managers and even the process actors to enrich their performance.

One dashboard for a unified view – for both employees and team leaders

Essentially, Workbox puts all this information together and presents it in a dashboard that lets you move easily from one screen to the next. Easy-to-read icons show you a unified in-box, activity management, process tracker, rules board and action hub.

“As a management tool, it adds a lot of value for process tracking and workload oversight,” Priya added. A team leader can run a report that shows the average time involved for a specific task or an aggregated group of related tasks. Managers can track patterns, trends and exceptions that they can use for workforce planning and overall process improvement.

Large and mid-sized organizations often face business challenges in prioritizing tasks and process visibility, which impacts the delivery of their projects. These challenges are easily resolved by Workbox thanks to its easy integration with multiple systems and complete mobility with offline access.

An automation feature supports team collaboration by delegating and prioritizing tasks, creating visibility for the whole team. It can close tasks automatically as they are completed and when tasks become redundant. This way, it’s easy for individuals or team managers to see what tasks have been assigned, the status, whether there are potential bottlenecks and where.

SAP App Center – a central digital marketplace for Incture’s workforce-management apps

Workbox has been available on SAP App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings, since the beginning of 2018. “The SAP App Center has already helped with lead generation, and opens doors to meet other partners and network,” Priya said. “And the SAP sales team has been quite supportive.” With a number of products already on SAP App Center, all built on SAP technologies including SAP Cloud Platform and integrated with SAP S/4HANA, the Incture team had always planned to include Workbox as part of the marketing plan.

Incture, which offers a variety of workforce-management products, has strong sales in India and is currently expanding into Canada and Southeast Asia. I was curious to know more about the company, which is based near Bangalore and has about 350 employees. This was a good question for Smita Mainkar, Incture’s content marketing specialist, who has been with the company for just a few months.

“It’s a young, vibrant company that empowers people to experiment and build new things,” Smita said. “We have a beautiful environment that feels like home, and an open workspace that encourages collaboration.”

It was a pleasure for me to talk with this enthusiastic group. Please check out the new Workbox app on the SAP App Center. And let me know what you think by commenting below.