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I always say that we’re on a journey with our customers: the journey to successfully move massive amounts of data and processes to the cloud. To reach that destination—and make the ride as smooth as possible along the way—SAP Cloud Platform Integration was developed to integrate both processes and data between cloud applications, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions. The integration service is open, flexible and works on-demand as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform. While SAP Cloud Platform hosts a broad set of integration capabilities, in this post I want to zero in on this essential service that enables you to harmonize your applications, no matter where you begin.


Most of our customers tend to start with a combination of middleware, on-premises solutions and applications in the cloud, and of course want to know how they can securely integrate their solutions to avoid creating new application silos when adopting cloud applications. How long will it take? (And yes, how much will it cost!) SAP Cloud Platform Integration is engineered specifically for the cloud. With highly secure and reliable management and transfer of data through SAP data centers, customers like you can have peace of mind throughout the integration process.


We also recognize that customers won’t just be utilizing SAP applications—there’s a wide variety of 3rd party applications in play, so we knew it was key that SAP Cloud Platform Integration be open and have built-in capabilities that address a multitude of application domains. SAP Cloud Platform Integration seamlessly connects with 3rd party applications, quickly pulling data and processes together. Relying on a catalogue of available scenarios, the service utilizes pre-packaged integration content that can be leveraged right out of the box and jump start the integration process. Thanks to our robust partner ecosystem, new pre-packaged integrations are being built, certified and delivered on a regular basis to meet many customer needs.

Customers retain choice about where they want to deploy, and whether they integrate cloud to cloud or cloud to ground. SAP Cloud Platform Integration also complements SAP Process Orchestration (our strategic on-premise ESB used to model, design and deploy integration processes across applications on-premises). With this, customers have a very strong hybrid integration story in place. Also SAP Cloud Platform Integration will follow the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud strategy as per the defined roadmap offering future support for Amazon Web Services, Azure and more.


With all this, we have great success stories to share and have had over 400 percent year-over-year growth in customer adoption of SAP Cloud Platform Integration across the globe.


  • LaTrobe University—based in Melbourne, Australia—is a customer that already had several investments in SAP environments that were important to leverage. Building custom integrations that brought together SAP S/4HANA Finance and SAP SuccessFactors, LaTrobe University can stay at the forefront of technology in higher education, reducing employee workloads by 10 percent thanks to a near elimination of paper-based processes.

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration was also able to support a leading network operator who provides energy to millions of customers in the Netherlands. Eneco identified a need to transform their IT environment for shorter project and upgrade cycles. Using the integration service, Eneco completed the integration between all SAP and all non-SAP systems, with minimal upfront investment and no costs for hardware installation. This successful transition went live in just a matter of weeks and saw IT spending for integration middleware reduced by 60 percent!

As these and many more success stories show, the SAP Cloud Platform—an enterprise platform-as–a-service with comprehensive application development services and capabilities—enables customers to achieve superior business agility. The platform enables the creation of a truly integrated and optimized enterprise to accelerate digital transformation across the business—all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.


Integration is a key part of the SAP Cloud Platform that sets these customer wins apart, but process excellence is what makes SAP stand apart from the competition.


What else sets SAP Cloud Platform Integration apart?

Our name is synonymous with a hyper focus on security including self-contained data isolation to protect against any unauthorized access. Our standard adapters and host of partner integrations provide a rich set of connectivity options to choose from.


SAP also enables the support of different domains of integration that need to be addressed either cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground. And, with one of the highest performance enterprise messaging capabilities, we help businesses meet the unprecedented scale and throughput requirements brought on by Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.


Finally, the flexible SAP subscription model allows for minimal up-front investment which distinguishes our services within the world of technology integration.


SAP Cloud Platform Integration jumpstarts the journey of integrating data and processes to ensure the successful evolution of your business. Find out more and be sure to browse to view all the exposed SAP APIs and available pre-packaged integrations.