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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
How does the Cloud Backend work in SAP Build Apps?

You can find a complete demo in the form of two videos at the very end of the article.

To illustrate this, I have built two apps. Both apps access the same cloud backend. This post shows how to create such a backend, how to store data from one app there, how to retrieve it in another app and how to delete it.

In the first app, you place an order for a coffee. This order is stored in the cloud backend.

The order should be displayed in the second app at the same time. The second app is intended for the barista who is to provide the coffee.

This way I can also directly test the integration of the backend into another application.

  1. How do I create a cloud backend? To do this, simply follow the series of images

I then created the following fields here:

That's enough. Now we go to the first app.

2. The app for ordering

The fields are all app variables as in the example of milk here.

As soon as you have entered your order, you can check it again and the record will be created and entered in the backend.

Now I will show the variables and the connection of the backend. After you have activated the

SAP BTP authentication, you can add the cloud backend with a few clicks.

Here are the app variables

Here are the data variables

3. The app for the overview of orders

Here the logic of the button is important so that after editing the record is deleted again.

Here is another view of the settings for the "Name" field.

This way I can see all orders as soon as they have been made in the first app.

The integration of the backend is exactly the same as with the first app.

I have also recreated all variables 1:1.

A complete demo of the two applications and the backend is available in English here:

Ordering coffee via app with SAP Build Apps I #01

Ordering coffee via app with SAP Build Apps I #02

If you are interested in developing with SAP Build Apps, you are welcome to participate in the SAP Build Hackathon from 12.09-14.09.2023.

There you will learn not only how to use SAP Build Apps but also how to use SAP Build Process Automation.