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Recently, we have updated a number of SAP HANA Academy tutorial videos for the playlist

In this blog, I will provide some references and background information for the SAP HANA Interactive Education (SHINE) videos (3) of the series.

This blog is part of a series:

SAP HANA Interactive Education

SAP HANA Interactive Education, or SHINE, is a demo application created to make it easier to learn how to develop native applications for the SAP HANA platform.

SHINE was originally introduced as an XS (classic) application back in 2013. For the nostalgic, here is a vintage video for the SPS 07 release SAP HANA Academy - SHINE: Getting Started.

SHINE for XS Advanced was made available in SPS 11 and the process of migrating from the classic to the advanced XS architecture serves as an example in the SAP HANA XS Advanced Migration Guide:

As the XS classic architecture was deprecated for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02 (although still available) in this blog I will only cover the installation of SHINE for XS Advanced.

As the architecture and API's for XS Advanced are the same for Cloud Foundry, there is also a SHINE version available for the SAP Cloud Platform:

To learn more about XS Advanced, Cloud Foundry, and future developments, watch the interview with product owner Krishna Kumar and chief architect Stephen Cherian:

For the latest What's New documentation, see:

For the fine print, known issues and limitations, see the Release & Information Note:

Installing SHINE

Below two tutorial videos about installing SHINE on the SAP HANA platform and express edition and one about enabling SHINE on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The installation steps are roughly the same:

  • download the component

  • check the pre-requisites for installation

  • create a user and grant the required role privileges

  • execute prerequisites for data generation

On the SAP Cloud Platform, of course, this all happens automagically.

Install SHINE on the platform edition

For the platform edition, be it on-premise in your company's data center or hosted by a cloud provider like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or the Google Cloud Platform, you will need to perform all the installation steps yourself as you can see in the tutorial video below:

SAP HANA Academy - Install SHINE (SAP HANA platform edition)

You can download the component from SAP ONE Support Launchpad Software Downloads (SAP HANA DEMO MODEL ADV. 1 (SUPPORT PACKAGES AND PATCHES).

SAP ONE Support Portal Software Downloads

Install SHINE on the express edition

For the express edition, the prerequisite checks and the user creation are performed by an installation script for your convenience. All we need to do is download SHINE to the HANA server - and we can do this using the download manager included with SAP HANA, express edition - and run the installation script. Easy!

SAP HANA Academy - Install SHINE (SAP HANA, express edition)

If your SAP HANA, express edition server does not have internet connectiviy, you can download SHINE using the SAP HANA, Express Edition Download Manager to your Windows or Mac client computer and then transfer it to the SAP HANA server.

SAP HANA, Express Edition Download Manager

Enable SHINE on the SAP Cloud Platform

To enable SHINE on the SAP Cloud Platform, we only need to define the user.

SAP HANA Academy - Enable SHINE on the SAP Cloud Platform

Next Steps

For in-depth information about the code, usage scenarios and tutorials, see the guide:

Lucia Subatin has also published some easy to follow-along tutorials on the SAP Developer site:

Once you have found your bearings, you can start to clone the source code repository from GitHub:

Finally, for completeness sake, there is an openSAP course on SHINE from 2016 but you will need to reactivate it for a small fee. It is mostly on the original XS classic version, so you may want to wait for an update:

SHINE Sales Dashboard


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