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Product and Topic Expert
If you are a BI Administrator or IT Administrator taking care of BI deployments in your organization and looking for a simple solution to push WebI Intelligence Rich Client (WRC) alone to your BI developers’ laptops, here are the specific steps for the same. With the help of silent installation capabilities of the BI packages you can automate the same using any Software configuration tools.

You can push the Web Intelligence Rich Client to your BI developer’s laptops in two different methods:


Method 1: Using the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform Client Tools package.

How to install only Web Intelligence Rich Client (WRC) with this method is explained in the following blog post “How to silently install specific SAP Business Intelligence Client Tools”.

But the challenge with this method is, you need to push the heavy client tools package file to the end user laptops, and these Client Tools package are very heavy in size around 3GB as they package all the BI platform client tools like Web Intelligence Rich Client, Information Design Tool, Universe Design Tool and Translation Management Tool etc.

If you feel that this will be challenging when it needs to be pushed to multiple laptops in large numbers, then you can look for the Method 2 which is comparatively less challenging.


 Method 2: Using the WebSetup.exe

OK, what is this WebSetup.exe.

WebSetup.exe is the “SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence” setup file gets packaged as part of the “Java Web Applications” feature of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform package. In this setup file you will have only WebI Intelligence Rich Client (WRC) and few Database Access drivers. And this is comparatively very less in size, which is around ~610 MB.

Hence it is easy to push this WebSetup.exe file to the end user laptops than the whole package of BI platform client tools which is of ~3GB size, especially when your aim is to install only WRC.

So, how to get this WebSetup.exe.

You can get this file in two different ways:

      1. Download from the BI Launchpad WebI Preferences page.

        Steps to download:

              • Log into the BI Launch Pad.

              • Navigate to Preferences.

              • Select Web Intelligence

              • In the Modify section, click (installation required) after Desktop (Rich Client, Windows only, installation required). A panel appears asking you if you want to run or save WebSetup.exe on your computer.

              • Click Save and save the “WebSetup.exe” to the desired location.

      2. Copy it from the Webapps folder under the Installation directory of BI platform.

Note: For this you need to have machine where BI platform is installed, and Java Web Applications feature was selected to be installed.

If your BI platform installation is below BI 4.2 SP07 version, then you can get this file from the following directory:


"<Install_Dir>\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.AnalyticalReporting\web\download\”



Note: The above paths are assuming that web applications are deployed on the default application server (tomcat), however if you deploy any other application server, then you can similarly navigate to the deployed files folder and get the WebSetup.exe

If your BI platform installation is of BI 4.2 SP07 and above (Refer the following note 2771517 for more details), then you can get this file from the following directory:


Navigate to <INSTALL DIR>\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\webi-websetup\download.

Or in case if you are using Tomcat as web application server, you can navigate to <INSTALL DIR>\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\webi-websetup\download.


Navigate to <INSTALL DIR>/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/warfiles/webapps/webi-websetup/download.

Or in case if you are using Tomcat as web application server, you can navigate to <INSTALL DIR>/sap_bobj/tomcat/webapps/webi-websetup/download.

Once you have the “WebSetup.exe” available with you, you can use any software configuration tool to push the file to the end user laptops and then using the silent installation method you can automate the installation. As following:

Installing “WebSetup.exe” file using the silent installation commands:

WebSetup.exe -w C:\response\response_WebSetup.ini to create the response file.

Following snippet shows how the response file created will look like when you select all the features listed during the creation of the response with -w option.

WebSetup.exe -r C:\response\response_WebSetup.ini to install Web Intelligence (WRC) using the response file silently.


This, BI/IT Administrators can automate the WebI Intelligence Client installation to their end users systems remotely... just by using any SCCM tool - to push the WebSetup.exe and launch the installation silent mode remotely.


Hope this blog will help in automating the installation of Web Intelligence Rich Client (WRC) remotely.


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