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By default, versions of Cloudera CDH that are supported by SAP HANA Vora 1.3 ship with Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.7. However, JDK 1.8 is required to run HANA Vora services successfully.

The Vora Manager can be installed correctly with JDK 1.7, however services will throw Java errors when attempting to start.



  • A working Cloudera Hadoop Cluster (5.7.5)

  • Vora 1.3 installed (optional)



Download JDK 1.8 to all nodes in the cluster

These can be either manually downloaded, or by using wget or a similar command in a terminal:

In this example I copied the URL from the JAVA download web page and used wget to download it to each cluster node using the below wget command:
wget --no-cookies --header "Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie" http://<ORACLE_URL>/jdk-XXXX-linux-x64.rpm -O jdk-XXXX-linux-x64.rpm

<ORACLE_URL> should be filled in with the latest JAVA release by copying the URL from Oracle

The cookie will auto-accept the license agreement and download the JDK as an RPM.


Once downloaded, the jdk can be installed via rpm. If your environment does not use rpm see the documentation for your package manager on installation:
rpm -ivh jdk-XXXX-linux-x64.rpm


Once installed, update any $JAVA_HOME environment variables to point to the new JDK.


If Vora 1.3 is already installed, log in to the SAP Vora Manager dashboard and go to the Services tab.


We need to update the value for 'Location of JAVA installation for SAP HANA Vora Disk' to point to the new JDK 1.8 directory for the following services:

vora disk

vora document store

vora graph

vora in-memory engine

vora thriftserver

vora time series


The services will have to be restarted. To be safe it is recommended to restart all services and the vora-manager service itself through your Hadoop cluster manager.