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I am writing this on the morning of September 12 2012, the same day that it is envisaged that Apple will announce the iPhone5, availability of iOS6 and possibly a few more interesting assets. They have never been a company that has been shy when it comes to innovation, so I thought I would look into just that subject... Innovation

Innovation is often described as a way of doing something new, either a new idea, a new method or even in mobile... a new device. For some in the past innovation, either complex or simple, has being looked at as being disruptive, but whichever your leaning, innovation makes a difference!

For Mobile Apps, innovation can come in many areas: Presentation (by that I mean UX etc), Data (capture and sharing) and Process (Streamlining or redefining).

With the excellent Mobile devices we now have and the awesome OS' that run on them, we now have a new chance to present data and processes in new ways. Take tablet devices with larger screens than smartphones, but with the same touch screen technology and gestures. Information can be shown and manipulated with the best pointing devices we have, our hands. It can be rotated, zoomed in and drilled into with the slightest touch. Presenting data in new ways that go beyond mere cosmetic beautification... Innovation!

Our current Mobile devices are able to capture new forms of data, for example Photos attached to claims, Voice notes, GPS (latitude and longitude) of where that important decision or data element was taken etc. Not to forget direction and orientation data from such internal electronics as gyroscopes and accelerometers. Hopefully from today more devices are soon to be enabled with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and that in turn will enable the interchange of data in various ways... Innovation!

For a new method or process building an innovative mobile app can be a way of looking outside of the box maybe an opportunity to do something in a slightly new way. As I mentioned above, the ability to capture data that has never been available before to enhance the existing information which is held in enterprise systems. The ability to streamline a process from days to hours, to minutes or seconds, could give a competitive advantage... Innovation!

If areas of business have not been exposed to innovation, the Mobile Innovation Council should ask itself... Whether this is because an alternative does not exist possibly due to regualatory stipulations, technology limitations, or just because an idea has not yet been identified? Observing and learning your potential users, aka 'living a day in the life of'... may also yield innovative ideas for the members of the MIC, during their investigation phase of a mobile app project.

Any piece of business 'work' can be broken up into the steps of Create, Select, Process & Service between the Enterprise and another party, either internal or external. Mobile has the opportunity to enhance B2B or B2C opportunities, extend existing computer systems and help expand business into new areas and markets... Fuelling Innovative Economies!

Keep in mind that new user circumstances and environments can suggest new and improved use cases. New use cases that will give birth to innovative and efficient apps that increase productivity with a gratifying look an feel. Mobile to the rescue.

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