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In the following blog post, I would like to show a workaround on how to get back missing job server after upgrading to SAP Information Steward SP 14 for Windows

The Database for Repository is Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

  • Go to SAP Data Services Repository Manager (runs as administrator)Try to upgrade to the latest version if it's not allowed then Create a new repository that will rewrite old repository.

  • Go to Data Services Server Manager (runs as administrator)

    Configure Editor → Select SAP Information Steward Job Server → Resync with Repository → Resync using  appropriate credentials
    Ok→Ok →Close and Restart→Ok

    IS Job Server Resync

Give a couple of minutes for the restart to happen

After upgrading go to CMC login as Admin → Applications → Information Steward Application→ View Data Services Job Server

Data Services Job Server List

If there is no job server listed then go to Database where Information Steward Repository is created.

Log on as Admin → run the following SQL to reassign the Job Server

update AL_MACHINE_INFO set SERVERGROUP_NAME = 'ISJobServerGroup' where SERVER_NAME = <Job Server Name> 

JobServer Assigned

Once updated, restart EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer and ISJobServer

Steps to restart EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer and ISJobServer

  • Log in into CMC as Admin → Servers → Enterprise Information management Services→
    Right-click EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer →  Restart Server,
    Right-click ISJobServer→  Restart Server

After No job server error is resolved re-run Data Profiling Jobs


When Installing SAP Information Steward Service Pack 14 and Syncing the Repository, the Job Server is losing the ISJobServerGroup Alinement with SERVERGROUP.
This workaround will help to realign the lost SERVERGROUP to Job Server.