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As the Utilities industry continues to evolve rapidly, SAP and the Industry Cloud Utilities Portfolio need to be on the same path. This goal can be achieved by expanding constantly and introducing new innovative solutions from SAP and partners. These solutions complement the existing SAP Intelligent Suite and give new capabilities to the core. As a result, enabling a high degree of solution fit and meanwhile allowing it to be more agile. In the previous blog post, I’ve explored how SAP’s Industry Cloud strategy support Utilities in their transformation process and deep-dived in the broad industry solution portfolio.

In this blog post, I’ll briefly cover the Industry Cloud “Espresso Sessions” webinar series. Explaining the value delivered to the audience, an overview on past sessions and an outlook of the upcoming ones.


The partner ecosystem plays a critical role in delivering new value-driven innovation use cases that address customer needs and improving the value we jointly bring to the market.

For this reason, it's important to extend the visibility of our Industry Cloud partner-build solutions. The goal of the webinars is to share a light to our customers on the value given by these solutions, directly from the voice of our partners.

The Espresso Sessions are thirty-minute short partner interaction sessions. They're focused on a partner offering each session, in an interview/dialogue format, wherein the value realised, use cases and benefits of the offering is explained.

Key Insights from previous sessions:

I would like to highlight the key understandings from previous sessions with a link to the recording.

The Backflow Device Inspection by Utegration session explains the connection between utility customers, backflow device inspectors, and Utilities, to complete backflow device inspection tasks compliant to the laws.

In the eOS or SAP Utilities Customers session, it was discussed how their cloud-based software platform gives digital services. These services let Utilities engage their mass-market residential and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) customers in the transition to clean and decentralized energy.

The third session, Lemur by Locana, covered how the solution complements the SAP Asset and Manager app. It gives reliable access to GIS data and tools, whether online or offline, in town or remote areas, so field workers can find assets and record work completion.

The fourth session, Asset Seer by App Orchid, addresses how Utilities can improve asset reliability. By using Artificial Intelligence or ML tools to monitor, detect, predict, or prioritize anomalies and discover the root cause.

Carbon by Rizing session explained how their solution simplifies complex project management integration. Facilitates the integration of large transaction volumes between SAP and project planning systems. It enables quicker decision-making, project transparency, and performance.

Satellite-based infrastructure monitoring by LiveEO session explained how their Satellite-based Infrastructure Monitoring solution can help Utilities to keep infrastructure operational with cost-effective insights from space.

Copperleaf Asset Investment Planning & Management session explained how their asset investing planning tool gives enterprise-level decision analytics solutions to help Utilities decide when and where to invest to maximize value.

And in the last session held so far, Energy Communities by Exnaton, explained how the solution encourages local marketplaces for renewable energy among households (also called “energy communities”). Also, it can compute and visualize energy flows and calculate billable items for each point of delivery.

What you can expect from the upcoming sessions:

Also, we have a few more exciting and informative upcoming sessions planned for the rest of the year. Just to mention some examples:

SAP Self-Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW session will explain how the solution enables self-service capabilities to utility customers. Their digital platform allows to respond customers demand quickly, enable real-time communication channel, and gain a 360-degree view of customers.

The next session TeamViewer Frontline Augmented Reality will cover how to improve field service management using Augmented Reality using smart glasses or mobile devices.

The session Flexinergy by Evolution Energie we´ll discuss how, the comprehensive solution for energy and Utilities management, can address the need of companies to reduce their carbon footprint and to realize energy savings.



Join us for a lighting journey through the transformative potential of Industry Cloud for Utilities. We offer a way to share the value of relevant Partner Solutions within thirty-minutes in a relaxing atmosphere.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this insightful in webinar series!


Registration for the upcoming sessions can be done here: SAP | SAP for Utilities Webinars 2023.

For more information on Industry Cloud for Utilities, visit the Industry Cloud Community Page and SAP Store for Utilities.

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