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An organization has a Sales LOB with 100 employees. Currently the team is helping to sell the product "P2020".

Let's say I want to create a discussion to collaborate about milestones, number of customers, targets etc for this product.

Currently in SAP Analytics Cloud,  when you create a discussion you can select only users, so user will have to individually select all 100 users.

Which is a tedious task for large organizations.

Hence, discussion will now allow selection of teams as well.


Customer can leverage the functionality of "Teams" in SAC. Create a team "test1" containing these 100 members. More Creating Teams


Now, customer can use the newly created team in discussion.

Login as 2 different users: Admin and Paul (who is part of "test1")


Paul gets a notification that he is invited to a discussion

Discussion shows team is invited and not team members, this will not clutter the user experience.

Internally, all notifications and messages will be sent to team members.

But, remember Team is a collection of users, so all those actions that was possible by individual user will also be possible by team members,
like, Add/Remove attachment, Inviting new members, Linking story, Creating task or process, posting comment or @mention.


2 functionalities require special mention:

  1. Leave discussion - only possible when included as individual user, if user is part of one or more teams, these teams are part of discussion, then user cannot leave the discussion.

  2. @mention - will display team members and not teams for leaving a comment


So, all those operations that was possible with individual users is now possible with teams as well, but with a touch of ease. Hence, improves user experience and saves time.