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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When using a browser and a search engine to search for topics in a particular SAP guide (exclusively), you can narrow the scope of your search by passing the base URL for the guide as a value for site:.

For example, sets the scope of the search to version 2.0.02 of the SAP HANA SQL and System Reference guide.

So, to search for the 2.0.02 version of the CONTAINS predicate topic, your search string would look something like this:

CONTAINS predicate

Of course, you can also leave off the version number at the end and just toggle the HANA version once you land on a result (Help Portal topics have a Version drop-down at the top right corner of the page).

That long enigmatic number (4fe29514fd584807ac9f2a04f6754767) in the base URL is the unique identifier for the SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide. Each guide has its own ID that will never change until the END OF TIME.

Or at least not for the foreseeable future, anyway.

~ Happy scoped searching!

Disclaimer: I can't take credit for this idea. My brilliant colleague lars.breddemann shared it. In fact he has more clever ideas on how to configure the base URL in your favorite browser so you don't have to paste the site string each time you search. Read about it here.