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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As part of the effort to provide high availability (HA) for the SAP BTP Kyma runtime (AWS, Azure, GCP service plans), we have enabled multi-availability-zone worker groups for the Kyma runtime.

Note: The Zone here refers to hyperscalers availability zone. E.g. Azure Availability Zones

The worker nodes(Virtual Machines) with the provided machine type and autoscaler parameters will be provisioned in three availability zones of the selected region.

The NAT gateway created to route the public outbound traffic will be provisioned in a zone-redundant manner by all the Azure, AWS and GCP paid service plans.

The critical Kyma managed components hosted on the runtime will be configured to be resilient to node and/or zone failures.

So what does this mean for you as a customer?

  • You can keep your applications highly available and resilient to zone failures for hyperscalers.

  • You can now deploy multiple replicas of your applications in such a way that they are distributed across multiple availability zones.

  • So if one zone goes down, you still have replicas of your applications running in multiple zones, thus continue to serve your users without disruptions.

  • Kyma components such as eventing are also deployed with zone redundancy. This will ensure that all your business scenarios that use Kyma components will also be shielded from zone/node failures.

Distribute replicas of your workloads across multiple availability zones


Your application offers resiliency and continuous service despite one zone going down, since replicas are still up and running in other zones.


Please check out this sample to do a multi-zone deployment on Kyma runtime.


Key Takeaways

  • SAP BTP Kyma runtime now supports multiple availability zones nodes to offer high availability

  • Leverage this feature to improve resilience for your business critical workloads by deploying replicas in multiple availability zones


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