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With the Excel upload it is now possible to import multiple documents into SAP Cloud ALM. This will help you organize and give access to all your project and solution related documentation in one central place.

Excel Template

When you are in the Documents Application you can now see the upload option:

Within the upload window, we provide a link to an excel template you can download, which helps you to maintain the excel correctly. The template shows two examples, as well as a link to the application help for further details.

All documents that you want to import need to be maintain as a row in the “Documents” tab. The tabs “Status”, “Priority” and “Document Types” just help you to select the correct values for the attributes. If no value is selected a default value will be selected.

The following information can be imported per document as of now:

  • Title

  • Status (Default value = “In Progress”)

  • Priority (Default value = “Medium”)

  • Document Type (Default value = “Not Assigned”)

  • References

  • Content


If you have external sources or documents stored in external repositories you can also import one or more document references. Just maintain each reference such with [name](URL)

Multiple references are captured by line breaks. Make sure you include the complete URL, e.g.:

[SAP Germany](



The actual content of the document can also be imported. You can use just plan text or in case you want to format your text you can use HTML.


Once you click "Upload" the Documents are created in SAP Cloud ALM.

Note that only Microsoft Excel files with the .xls or .xlsx extension are supported. The maximum allowed file size is 5 MB, the maximum allowed number of rows is 1,000.

The import checks the content before creating the documents. If a value is incorrect or the template is not according to the standard, you will get a list of error messages, which help you to correct the excel before the import starts.


The excel import will be extended with new features. We will soon allow to import the relations to solution processes as well as to the process hierarchy.

So, as usual, stay tuned for more features to come!