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Product and Topic Expert
It's been said by many that “…with great power comes great responsibility". When it comes to running your business, having a platform that “powers” your business processes give you the flexibility and freedom to determine what “powers” you want to implement.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in one, unified environment. As our customers move to SAP BTP and start to understand the value it brings to their company, they are realizing the endless possibilities to keep their business innovative and future ready. Customers can leverage the platform that connects, simplifies, and amplifies their existing technology investments.

One of the best ways to consider how to get value out of a platform is to look at use cases. Use Cases will often have business content, or what some may also call accelerators. Use cases and the content that supports the use case will help to quickly implement the business scenarios that you want to take advantage of.

In this article, I will go through and provide an understanding of what use cases are and what business content is. Customers and Partners are often not aware of what is available and what scenarios can make them successful. Introducing you to use cases and business content will allow you to quickly realize the benefits of SAP BTP and create faster implementation times.

What are Use Cases?

A use case is a set of steps and descriptions on how to achieve certain business value. In short, they provide how to “use” the technology and work process to prove a “case” of business value. Use cases are built to enable SAP customers – from business users to developers alike – with customer-proven, business outcome-driven examples to accelerate the understanding and adoption of the SAP BTP.

My colleague joanneks wrote a blog to introduce some of the use cases that were presented at SAPPHIRE 2022.

You can get a full list of SAP BTP use cases here.

Use cases help the buyer decide what can be implemented and in which line of business (LOB) and industry. When looking at use cases, you are not starting with a blank canvas; you are starting with expert-built content for a variety of industry and departmental use cases to improve KPIs across your entire business – faster and smarter.

The diagram below shows how SAP BTP can help you drill down into what you are looking for to discover the different solutions available, and to deliver value to your different LOBs. You will be able uncover the various use cases that these solutions support.

Take for example, the use case of “Process and Approve Your Invoices with SAP Process Automation."

This use case can be used across multiple LOBs, like SAP S/4HANA Finance and SAP Procurement and Supply Chain.

Implementing this use case can eliminate tedious work, increase accuracy, and speed up processing:

  • Automate processing of digital or scanned documents

  • Leverage pre-trained AI capabilities or build templates easily

  • Accelerate time to value with prebuilt, reusable process automation bots

  • Process large numbers of business documents fast and accurately

This use case uses SAP Process Automation to leverage SAP S/4HANA Cloud or other third-party systems to process invoices without manual intervention. It creates immediate impact for finance and can be easily applied to your supply chain and other LOBs. Not only does it quickly get you up and going with a process automation bot, it also provides you with the framework to enable further automation to streamline your business.

This is just one example out of many use cases across SAP BTP that you can take advantage of.

Ready-Built Business Content

I've mentioned business content several times, but what is it actually? SAP’s business content is built by experts in SAP and partners that know the business semantics the best and have proven experience in implementing use cases. SAP BTP content can be in the form of dashboards for analytics, integration flows, bots, business rules, data models, and more.

SAP BTP also has business content targeted per industry. SAP Industry Cloud provides access to the innovative vertical solutions across industries. In the Public Sector, for example, there are many solutions by our partners and by SAP that can provide quick value. For example, look at Spend and Audit Risk Management; This solution is provided by a partner and is available in the SAP Store. It has out-of-the-box integration with SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA, SAP Data Intelligence, and SAP Analytics Cloud to gain visibility of total spend across the enterprise and to give you an internal audit process to analyze risk. This is an example of business content provided by a partner and SAP Analytics Cloud that addresses an a need in the public sector and other industries.  Recent conversations with government customers confirm that the availability of industry business content in the SAP BTP allows the customer to immediately see the value in deploying SAP BTP solutions.

Why Consider Use Cases and Business Content

SAP BTP benefits customers with an accelerated time to value and increase in agility. Business content helps ensure accelerated time and agility and allows you to move quickly from idea to execution.

By replacing custom processes with prepackaged content, solution implementations that used to take months have been reduced to days. By reducing development and deployment times, as well as costs, customers are seeing their business needs addressed much sooner, leading to higher satisfaction.

By not using ready-built content, you are likely to spend more time putting in something that already exists and implementing something that may not have the expertise from resources that have the domain experience. One thing to remember is that business content may not get you 100% of what you need but is likely to get you 80% or more to where you need to be, allowing you to customize what is required for your business.

The example below shows how using prebuilt content may reduce the time to deployment and give you value in a shorter time.

How to Get Started

Depending on where you are at in your journey with SAP BTP, you will be able to get started and find what you are looking for. If you are a buyer looking at what SAP BTP can provide, explore SAP and SAP Partner use cases. Look at the use cases to help you understand the endless possibilities that SAP BTP can provide and see what has already been proven and done by other customers.

If you are a developer on our platform, look at the SAP Discovery Center; you can start implementing use cases and take advantage of the prebuilt business content provided by SAP and our partners.

There are number of resources available in order to get started:

As you look at what is available, you will find many use cases all supported by some level of business content, and you'll see customer success stories of implemented use cases.

Remember that these use cases and the supporting content has been developed by either SAP experts or Partners in order to provide you with the fastest path to immediate results. Take advantage of what others have done already and unleash the power of SAP BTP!