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Product and Topic Expert
Once the ILM Store is set up as per the configurations mentioned in the blog you can use the details in this blog to analyze any issues you face.

Also, check if all SAP Notes of component BC-ILM-STO are implemented in your system.



Always run this test report after you have set up the ILM Store. Before you start storing any archive files, make sure this report output is perfect.

This report uses the test origin archeb.

By now, you should have already done the origin customizing as mentioned in the previous blog. Now in table TILM_STOR_CUS table, copy all the entries of your origin and create new corresponding entries for origin archeb.

After this, run the report. The ideal output for the below report should be as below.

"MKCOL 405 Method not allowed" is not really an error. It is because of entries existing from previous runs. You can use the report RILM_STOR_TEST_CLEAR to clear out older test entries.


Application Logs - Transaction SLG1 -> Object ILM_STOR

First place to check the details of any error will be here. In transaction SLG1, give the Object as ILM_STOR.

These logs help to identify the root cause of the store failures. Here check the error logs, especially for commands MKCOL and PUT.

In this blog below, you can find some of the common SLG1 errors and how to resolve them.


For the test reports, if you get the below errors relating to table ZILMSTORRD*, then this could be because of incorrect earlier runs of the report without maintaining the proper customizing.

SLG1 Error: No data connection entered for table ZILMSTORRD*.

SLG1 Error: SQL exception when accessing table ZILMSTORRD*

SLG1 Error: The database table 'ZILMSTORRD*' is unknown

Resolution: Check the entry in table TILM_STOR_CUS for origin archeb, Namespace DB, Property DBCON.TILM_STOR_BLOB is correctly maintained.

Then, verify that the SAP Note 2686078 is implemented. Then run report RILM_STOR_TEST_CLEAR with 'Origin for Full Tests' and 'Delete Pooled Tables' checked. Now rerun the report RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_SINGLE and check that no errors occur.


Storage Media - Default Database

SLG1 Error: Proxy table ZILMSTORRD* cannot be created.

SLG1 Error: Pool table cannot be activated

Resolution: The SICF user does not have the required authorizations. Check if the below authorization objects are assigned to the SICF user.

S_DEVELOP    : OBJTYPE = 'TABL' and ACTVT = 07 and 40


Storage Media - Sybase IQ

For the IQ related errors, start with testing the DB connection. Use report ADBC_TEST_CONNECTION for this.

SLG1 Error: [IQ Error SQL-1000121:HY000][Sybase IQ]binary data not supported on data longer than 32767 Bind host variable

Resolution: In this case, make sure the variable ENABLE_LOB_VARIABLES is set to ON for the database. Also, the IQ_UDA license should be available.


Storage Media - HADOOP

For HADOOP, use the test report RILM_STOR_TEST_HADOOP. Ensure there are no errors here. Then run the RILM_STOR_TEST_PF_SINGLE report.

If you have set up the RFC connection as per the Hadoop Configuration guide, when you run a Connection test for this RFC in SM59, you might get a 400 Bad Request error. This is the expected behaviour as we have not provided any parameter now. These query parameters will be appended during the processing.

In case, you want to test if the RFC is really connecting to the HDFS server, you can add the parameters "?op=LISTSTATUS" in the path prefix and then run the connection test. This should give a 200 OK result. After this, remove the above from the path prefix.


SLG1 Error: Error 99 while attempting to lock table ZILMSTORRD* for key *.

Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2553369.


If the ILM store is set up in a system with Windows NT as the OS, then while storing into HADOOP, the below error is obtained in SLG1.

SLG1 Error: 400 Bad Request.

Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2630651.


Storage Media - File System

For using the file system as storage media, first ensure that all the operating system commands are created correctly in SM69.

Check the below properties are customized accordingly for the origins in transaction ILM_STOR_OPR_CUST or table TILM_STOR_CUS.

SYSTEM             SYS_CMD_DIR

Next, ensure that in FILE transaction, all the ILM Store related logical file paths and logical file name definitions are made as described in the ILM Store Configuration guide.

In SARA->Archiving Object-Specific Customizing->Technical Settings->Logical File Name, ideally do not use the ILM Store related logical file names as these are in a different physical file format.


SLG1 Error: System command ILM_STOR_* for OS * is incorrect or not defined.

Resolution: First check if the operating system commands are maintained in SM69. Then, check for the origin mentioned in the log, the properties mentioned above are customized.


SLG1 Error: No authorization to execute an operating system command.

Resolution: Check if the SICF user has the authorization object S_LOG_COM assigned to it.


SLG1 Error: System cannot validate file name

SLG1 Error: Logical file name &1 does not exist

Resolution: Check whether the logical file path and file name definitions are maintained correctly in FILE transaction. If you have created new file paths and file names, check the below properties are customized accordingly for the origins in transaction ILM_STOR_OPR_CUST or table TILM_STOR_CUS.

SYST.PLACES              AN_FILE


SLG1 Error: BAdI implementation DETERMINE_PUT_TARGET not permitted in productive systems

Resolution: If the ILM store is set up on system with operating system as Unix or Windows NT, implement the SAP Note 2630651.


When trying to set reference of ArchiveLink documents into the ILM store set up with file system as storage media, the below error occurs:

SLG1 Error: Parameter BLOB was not provided.

Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2680505.


When executing RILM_STOR_TEST_AT report, the below error is shown in the output:

PUT empty67890222222222233333333334444444444 500 Internar server error

SLG1 Error: Parameter BLOB was not provided.

Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2680505.




When you try to create a new ILM Store in ILMSTOREADM, you get the below error:

598: Input or output error (triggered during access to file system, WebDAV, or data stream; see long text)
DA Service Message: _DEFINE_ARCHIVE_STORES: Error While Testing Store IDM_STORE; Cause: 500 Internal Server Error

SLG1 Error: You have not entered an ORIGIN

Resolution: Check the TILM_STOR_O_ROUT table entries.

You should have an entry with System = <your system ID> and Data Source = <your operational origin>.


SARA Store Jobs

In the logs of the Store job, in case you get the below error, start you analysis from the SLG1 application logs for object ILM_STOR.

500: Internal error in data archiving service or in lower-level server components
DA Service Message: Problem occurred while inserting data via facade


These are some of the common errors during the ILM Store set up. In case of any further issues, raise an incident to BC-ILM-STO.