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Ever wanted to add a new attribute in your HCM-IDM integration?

Well here is how it can be performed. Just follow the steps below. This is a valid case for any attribute you need in your integration.

1) You need to login to your HCM system and execute SQ01

From this view, you should pick up your Query that is used when you extract data to the IDM. Then select Change and Basic List.

The basic list contains all attributes that could be used for a user. The ones that are in use are marked with green. You can also see the technical name of the attribute.

2) Select the attribute you wish to be used by clicking the checkbox "List Fields" and save your changes.

3) What you need to do next is to maintain field assignments for Data Export - by using transaction HRLDAP_MAP. You need to select the Global Work Area checkbox and enter the User Group and Name that you are using. If you've been using the official IDM-HCM integration documentation on your setup that would be /SAPQUERY/L1 for the group and LDAP_QUERY for the query. Here you should maintain the Query Fld/Description/Attribute Grp/Attrib.Name accordingly.

4) Then you need to maintan the LDAP Server Mappings. You execute LDAP transaction - then select your LDAP Server and then Mapping.

Maintain the names of the field "Fld" and the Attribute names.

You are now done from the HCM part. Now follows the IDM part.

1) You need to navigate to the HCM Staging Area and expand the attributes in the Identity Store Schema.

Make sure your new attribute is correctly represented here.

What is important to know here - the attribute that you create here should have the Entry Type MX_HCM_Employee selected. (Properties of the Attribute > Entry Type Tab). Compare already created attributes to your setup if you can't find this option.

2) Last but not least you should add a line into the To Identity Store Pass usually named Write HCM Employee To SAP Master which will write down your record into the IDM itself - Destination Tab.

Make sure that the Attribute you are using exists in the IDM, otherwise you will get an error during the extract. If it is a completely new Attribute (MX_something) you need to create it from the IDM side too.