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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

As a Developer Advocate I like to play with the code and understand the parts but also, the sum of all the parts.  When talking with others about SAP’s Business Technology Platform and the Extension Suite there can be a lot of components underneath a simple question like: “How do I change a Business Rule?”  I could just say, "use the SAP Extension Suite" but there is a little more to it than that...

So let’s explore changing a workflow here as part of a discussion in the BTP Extension Suite:


business rule change flow


To add or change a business rule a developer (or knowledge expert) would want to go into the BTP cockpit and upload a JSON file to their Extension Suite service so that they can make changes to a rule without changing the backend application. 

select JSON file


Then BTP can extend the back end system if you have everything setup already.  But what if you have never dealt with changing a business rule?  Wait, I need to manage workflows in BTP as well?  Are there more parameters I need to deal with?  There has to be a better way!


Yup, we have a section on your global account cockpit called Boosters.



To get into boosters I followed a few simple steps.  First, I was exploring an amazing blog post by thiago  There is a lot of detail about how to follow a specific business rule scenario he has created along with sample code.

As part of his post he points you to a tutorial from Archana Shukla on that is part of a group of tutorials for an Employee Onboarding scenario.

If you follow that tutorial about setting up the Workflow Management then you will notice you are now setting up your first Booster!  But wait, there's more!  Other tutorials in the group cover setting up Business Rules, Workflow and Process Visibility and then a third tutorial to finalize the scenario of Employee Onboarding.

As you can see, there is a lot to activate and bundle to process a business rule addition or change, but with the booster you activated in Archana Shukla's first tutorial you get these items from BTP:

Items in Booster

BTP setting up services


For more information on what the Extension Suite - Business Rules are and how to configure manually please review these help portal pages:

Landing Page for Business Rules Help

And I want to recommend you specifically research the training sections on that page for:

Learning Journey for Business Rules

Blogs tagged on the Business Rules Service


Hit the booster button, come on, it's fun!  Then you get all of this stuff configured for you.  It's not a black box hidden from you, its just a booster to your BTP configuration so you can do what you want with several of the great services we offer.

And before i forget, there are lots of boosters, not just the booster outlined above for Workflow Management.  As of today there are 9 boosters for Integration Suite and Extension suite currently available.

booster tiles


Enjoy, and happy Boosting!