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When creating a Lumira story there is often a need to link to additional information, this may be an external website or via open document links to other reports / stories that contain more detailed information or to other pages within the same story.

In Lumira you can do so by adding hyperlinks to text, images, pictograms and shapes in your story. After dragging an image, pictogram or shape into your board, infographic or report you will see a hyperlink option as part of your Image Properties settings. Within the text widget the same action is available.

Upon clicking on the hyperlink option a new window opens, here you can specify the URL you want to link to and whether the pages shall be open in a new window or in the same window.

While in this example I am linking to the Lumira tutorial site, you can also extend this further and link to your existing BI asserts such as WebI or Crystal Reports via the BI Open Document links or to other Lumira stories on Lumira Cloud or Lumira Server via their URL, your possibilities are endless.

Alternatively, you can specify another page in this story which you want to link this image to. By default, you are given a few options (such as first page, last page) for quick selection.

Note: As infographics allow to layer objects you can even add a transparent image on top of your chart and adding a link to a report that contains detail information about that particular chart point.