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There is a new service available for SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Hybris-as-a-Service (YaaS). It's cool, easy to use, and very, very helpful.

What is YaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

YaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform is nothing more than a business service marketplace, the YaaS Market, where business services are registered. This is a registry of business services that you build and call to run business applications.

Is using YaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform difficult?

Not at all. There are four steps you have to follow.

1. You build your business service as a micro application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. You can use this to extend SuccessFactors, Hybris, or other applications.

2. You register these business services on the YaaS registry. You just use YaaS to register the business services that you have built. YaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform handles all the security, invocations, metering, and billing for your business services.

3. You compose new business applications from some of the business services registered on YaaS. The cool thing is that you can reuse these business services in different combinations for different applications over and over again.

4. You run all applications on one cloud platform - the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This is what you do:

- you call the business services via YaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

- you run these business services alone, or together with other applications on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

- and last but not least, all the security, credentials, metering and billing is automatically handled by YaaS.

If this has become interesting to you, here you can learn more: SAP HANA Cloud Platform

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