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Product and Topic Expert

Changing the HWC image and BrandName


Part II : BlackBerry Connection Settings (in Eclipse)


Dear All,


This Document explains steps how we can play with Hyrbid web container on blackberry like changing the default image of container, changing the brand name and how we can set the settings details in the code itself rather than doing manually.


Tools used in developing the application are:

SUP version: 2.2 SP02,

BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.3.0,

BlackBerry Simulator 9800 v6.0.0.141




1. In Eclipse, import the BlackBerry Hybrid web Cotainer template as a legacy BlackBerry project:

     a) Select File > Import.

     b) Expand the BlackBerry folder.

     c) Select Import Legacy BlackBerry Projects.   

     d) Click Next.


e)  Specify the JRE and, in the BlackBerry Workspace field, browse to the HWCtemplate.jdw  file and select the project to import.





Hybrid web container folder looks like below:




2.  Go to res>images. look for icon.png. This one is the default image for Hybrid web cotainer. you can replace this image with the desired one.


3. After this, you need to download signing key.


  • Signing keys are used to create a development certificate that is used to sign the apps that you repackage for BB devices.

  • go to

  • have to do one time regitration. Dont forget Registration PIN. (for easy use, you may choose 12345678) :smile:

  • Once registration is done, you will get order confirmation mail from

  • Approx in 30-40 minutes span, you will get 3 .csi files (RRT, RBB, RCR) in registered mailbox


4.  Before supplying the signing keys, BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool has to be installed.

    • use of this tool is to help developers to protect the data and intellectual property of their apps.

    • this is server side software that lets administrators to manage the access to specified APIs and data stores.

    • This tool supports all versions of BB JDE.


  • To download, this tool. access





  • go through below process step by step for installing this tool.


here, 1234 is the sign ID for this tool.(you may choose any other ID)

you have to set the password too. (for easy use, you may choose 12345678)


5. For supplying signing keys, windows>preference

  •   click on Install New Keys

    • select one of .csi file.

    • pass the registration PIN. (same PIN that you passed during registration for signing keys, in my case it is: 12345678)

    • Private Key password. (in my case it is: 12345678)

    • before click on Register, set the configure proxy with Host ip and port number.

    • click on apply and then Register.

    • repeat the same procedure for other 2 .csi files



6. Next task is to assign the 1234 key to the Hyrbid web container folder in eclipse.

    • expand src>com.sybase.hwc>New>File



    • browse to C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Password Based Code Signing Authority\data by clicking on Advanced Tab

    • look for 1234Key



7. Open under src folder



  • find the method named getCodeSignerId() and update it to return the name of signing key (1234)



8. Rebranding the Hybrid Web Cotainer title


    • Open BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml

    • change the title in every tab like Application, Build and Alternate Entry Points


9. Run the simulator. Hybrid Web Container>Run As>blackBerry Simulator. It will create one folder named as deliverables


10. Open the File Signer Tool.Assign the cod file for the same.




11. last step: sign with the signature tool


go to HybridWebContainer>BlackBerry>Sign with Signature Tool




Hybrid Web Container Customization for BlackBerry [Part II]