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Dear Gateway Developers,

Below I will list the prerequisites and common error scenarios encountered during testing SAPUI5 applications in Quality systems where there is Hub deployment of gateway server.

Prerequisites -

1. To be able to successfully call the backend code, a RFC destination has to be created in gateway system pointing to the backend server which shall use the login details of 'current user'. This will be done by SM59.

2. The a System alias has to be created which shall use the RFC destination created in step 1. This can be done via help doc i.e. go to transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to:  SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Channel Configuration Connection Settings

SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SAP System Manage SAP System Aliases

and create new entry.

3. Now the OData service needs to be registered via transaction code /N/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE to consume the above created system alias.

Till this step the service should get registered and you should be able to successfully fetch the metadata.

Now, following issues may be encountered.

1. Data is getting created via gateway client but not from UI5 application.

Check whether the virus profile is deactivated or not. If not deactivate it. (T-code: /n/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN)

2. If you are getting success - 200 in gateway client but still not getting data.

Check for proper authorizations for IWSV,IWSG and S_RFCACL object.

3. If timeout error is coming.

Go to T-code SMICM and check the Processing and KeepAlive timeout parameters values.

4. Metadata changes like data type change, addition/deletion of properties etc are not getting reflected.

Clear the backend cache (/n/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP) and gateway cache(/n/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP)

I will keep adding to this list with time.

Further analysis can be done via activating the gateway trace in t-code (/n/IWFND/TRACES).

Please leave your experiences and feedback.