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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The SAP Fiori MyTimesheet application uses the standard ITS CATS search help Customizing under Go to SPRO transaction(IMG) -> Cross-Application Components -> Time Sheet -> Specific Settings for CATS regular -> CATS regular (ITS) -> Modify Possible Entries Help.

The best way to explain how something works is by taking a use case, so let’s consider a scenario where we would want to define/use a search help for the field ‘Work Center’ (ARBPL).

Solution 1:

  1. Go to the Customizing ‘Modify Possible Entries Help’.
  2. Create a new entry for the field ‘ARBPL’ (if it is not present already).
  3. Enter the following attributes:
    1. Search Help Name           – CRAMA
    2. Help type                          – Search help
    3. Selection field 1                – ARBPL
    4. Selection field 2                – KTEXT
    5. Display field 1                    – ARBPL
    6. Display field 2                    – KTEXT
  4. Save

In MyTimesheet app the filtering is only possible on the field value, field description and any related fields which are a part of the particular timesheet record (present in the UI itself).

Now, since the field KTEXT is case sensitive the search is also case sensitive.

Example, Arbeitsplatz is part of the description for a work center and now if we search for the work center – ‘arbeitsplatz’ (notice the search term starts with a small ‘a’). The results will not contain the word Arbeitsplatz.

Solution 2:

Use the field KTEXT_UP which is case insensitive.

Limitation – the description will be displayed in all CAPS.

Solution 3: 

Create a custom search help and modify the fields for selection.

    a.  Create a custom search help ZCRAMA  

    b.  Implement a search help exit

    c.  Modify the search help customizing

    d.  Perform a search for the work center e.g. – ‘Arbeitsplatz’

  The results will contain both fields with Abeitsplatz and abeitsplatz.