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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Overview -

SAP 365 Live is a one-stop solution for those who are looking for enabling the existing or new cloud applications with SMS, email and multi-factor authentication. The API's provided by SAP 365 live will help the users to connect to their customers easily and quickly.

After reading this blog you will be able to send an SMS using the APIs provided by SAP 365 live. The product also provides APIs to send an email and use multi-factor authentication which will cover in later.

SAP Product Link

Prerequisites -

Before you send SMS using the API please make sure you have following points checked -

  1. SAP Live Link 365 Account - Please create an account if you are a new user using the following link - Link

  2. optional - cURL installation on your computer

  3. An app key and secret linked to your account

  4. An OAuth token which will confirm your identity to the SAP Live Link 365 endpoint.

Note - Sending an SMS is not free of cost. You need to have credits and to use the same you can get in touch with team to enable the functionality.

How to send an SMS using SAP 365 LIVE?

  1. Create an app which will provide you a credential required to use API's -

2. Enter name and description of the application

3. You will be popped up with the client secret and key which you need to copy so that we can use it later while consuming the API's.

4. This portal also gives you the option to the API's using same portal. Follow next few steps to send you first SMS to desired mobile number.




Now you know how to create an app, have the credentials which can be used in the api's. Let's go ahead see which are those simple api's which you can use the trigger an SMS.


1.Call authentication service to fetch the access_Token -


Authorization - BASIC  (Use the credential from step no.3)

Body -  x-www-form-urlencoded .  (Key - grant_type,value - client_credentials)

Response -  you will be returned with the access_token

2. Send SMS URL - 

Authorization  - Bearer Tone  (Pass the access token from previous step)

Body -

"destination": [
"message": "test",
"ackType": "MESSAGE",
"mobileNotification": "YES",
"clientId": 135,
With successful callback of this function, you should receive a SMS on your respective mobile number.  This is not the end please go through the Sample Projects to explore more about the available api's and other functionalities.

Thank you for reading the blog hope this will help you to explore the solution and help your customers get maximum out of this.