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I am recently doing self study on Analytics Path Framework and as a beginner I have finished some "Hello world" exercise and I have written down my steps to finish those "Hello world" project in these two blogs:

In this blog, I will learn how to use filter in Analytics Path Framework. Source Code of used CDS views could be found from previous blog mentioned above.

In APF Configuration Modeler, there is a filter with type Smart Filter Bar automatically generated.

When I change it to "Individually Configured Filters", it is then possible for me to create filter manually:

Then choose a property for filtering operand ( which will be used in OData filtering operation ) from drop down list:

And below OData request is responsible for rendering the value list in filter.

Let's observe the roundtrip in the runtime. Once we click execute button, the OData request maintained in above screenshot is called to retrieve the product id list, which will be used to render the drop down list of filter.

This is OData request response:

The response is used to render filter drop down list when hyperlink is clicked:

When we deselect Z02 and click OK button:

The filtering OData request is sent to backend to get filtered data. The chart is refreshed accordingly.