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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
I am going to talk about one of the SAP AI business Service, Document Information Extraction.

I started exploring Document Information Extraction as I was curious to know how it works and also to see the extracted results.

Well, I learned, this service extracts information from the uploaded document file by submitting the uploaded document to OCR service. Then, the information from the document is extracted to a JSON file, which can be easily queried by the user.

I started implementing it from scratch. I explored about this service on SAP Discovery Center.

Document Information Extraction Service on SAP Discovery Center


Once, I had an overview of this service, its pricing, roadmap and customer stories, I explored the SAP developer tutorial to do hands-on from here.

SAP Developer Tutorial on Document Information Extraction

I found the tutorial to be very helpful for someone to begin. It gives a step-by-step process on how to begin using this service. Instead of expressing it in words, I immediately recorded the steps to give you an overview of how to start using this service smoothly. You can access the video below:


I encountered some challenges, for instance, missing entitlements, or the region where the service is supported. As, I had used the trial version of BTP for exploring it and got to know that this service is supported in US East (VA) region. I was trying to set it up in a BTP subaccount created with Singapore region.

Document Information Extraction Service Booster in Action

Document Information Extraction Service UI

Finally, adding up the entitlements and getting started gave me a flavor of how to use this tool, look at the confidence score, which the built-in AI model generates based on the learning.

I could even download the extracted results in the CSV format and could see the percentage confidence score with the location of each of the fields extracted on the document. You can download the sample invoice for testing from the SAP Developer tutorial itself or by directly clicking on this link can help you with a sample invoice.

This is just great. I will continue to explore creating a template and see how different variety of documents can be extracted, be it an invoice or Purchase Requisition order, following a different format.

Do give a try and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please feel free to connect with me at c-b.singh.