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Hi All,

We know, there are Mobile logs available which give us some insight while accessing documents, refresh, view, filters , crash reports etc.

However, no information is captured for network communication between the device and the BO server.

Most of us are aware about a tracing tool called Fiddler (

We can try to enable fiddler in such a way that , it captures all the traffic between your Mobile device ( ipad/iphone/android/BB) to your SAP BI Servers.

It turns out to be useful, when you have HTTPS or SSO configured. It can also be used simply to understand, how the network traffic is routed.


  • Mobile device connected to your BO server/Mobile Server.
  • Enable to open and view documents on your device.
  • Knowledge about proxy settings.
  • Ensure you have administrator access on your machine/BO server.

Lets Start:

Download and install Fiddler on your Server. Before you start Fiddler, make sure all browsers are closed, else it will start capturing all the network traffic instantly.

Navigate to Tools> Fiddler Options.

Go to Connections tab. Check Allow remote computers to connect. The default port fiddler communicates is 8888. You can alter it as per your requirements.

Go to your mobile device, i am using IPAD. General> Settings>Wi-Fi

Under your connection, go to HTTP Proxy.

Assign IP address or hostname of your BO Server and assign Port 8888 ( Fiddler listening port )

We have done this to ensure that our network traffic is routed through BO server, which will enable Fiddler to listen and capture traffic.

We are now ready to start tracing...

At this stage, try to login to your SAP BI application from the device and check if you see some readings observed in Fiddler.

If you are getting nothing in there, you need to check and verify the following:

1) Proxy connection route

2) Firewall blocking port 8888

If you are attempting this on a local server with direct wifi access to ipad, it will be much simpler.

In case of fortified environments, it is best that you take assistance of your Network administrator to know the proxy routes or internet settings to be done.

If all is good, you can try to open a report on device and see the trace captured in fiddler as shown below:

Access a document on your device and hit refresh.

Observe traces being generated from your ipad to the BO server.

The communication is currently capturing default port 8080, as well as 8443 which is SSL enabled server.

On the right side, you can see the report id, sent for refresh.

There is a SAP Knowlege Base Article for the same. 2078146

Hope this helps!

Do share your feedback

Atul B