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Background: RTMF (real time messaging framework) is a framework to deliver messages from the server to the client.

Using the JMS technology, RTMF enhances the JMS with a push channel, so that whenever the client has a new message addressed for it, he will get it automatically.

Usage: the RTMF is being used in the portal for the RTC (real time collaboration), to enable chatting between portal users, and share applications, and also for the WebDynpro MBT component, to trigger client side events.

Testing RTMF: the testing application can be accessed using the following URL:


See below steps:

1.      Login with a desired user name.

2.      Register to one of the two events: "FirstService" or "SecondService"

These services are responsible to test the functionality of RTMF.

Now you can see in HTTP watch requests every 3 seconds, or if you have modified the pollingIntervalBasis parameter, then you will notice other interval accordingly.

3.      On the "Send Message" section, "FirstService" or "SecondService", (according to what you have registered to in phase 2), in all of the 3 boxes and click send.

4.      The next time that a polling request will be sent, it will be response with a popup saying that the message has arrived.


·         Make sure that the is started on all server nodes.

·         Check default traces for exceptions.

·         You can create a CSN ticket for component EP-PIN-RTM for any problem identified about RTMF.