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    As administrators of solution manager, we are enthrusted with the responsibility to set up monitoring for BW process chains,   BO jobs, DS jobs. We wonder, sometimes, what would be good values for thresholds for certain time relevant metrics like Duration or typical values for records processed and/or data packages processed.

We all believe the past performance of the process chians & jobs are indicative of their general performance over a period of time. It would be very effective to have these values (Minimum , maximum, average of the last 10 executions) of these chains/jobs made avialable at the time of setup (SOLMAN_SETUP) and configuration to enable effecient monitoring.

BI Monitoring, provides this possibility.

In the SOLMAN_SETUP-> Technical Monitoring - > Job & BI Monitoring -> Bi Monitoring - > Step 4 (Define scope)-> Choose scenario - > Step 6 -> Monitoring & Alerting

Go to any of the monitored object types sub stesps( 6.1 to 6.4)

Choose the relevant chains/jobs and click on THRESHOLD MASS MAINTANANCE

In the below screenshot you could se that we can provide absolute value as +/- from MIN, MAX, LAS, AVG

A simlar example is with a percentage +/- for metrics (in this screenshot for Records procesed)

At this point in time, the values are fetched fomr the managed system and the corspoding values are calculated and shown in the main ALV. on Save & activate, these values atre persisted to the monitored objects. At this moment a pointer is converted to the value and the values are persisted!

As mentioned earlier, this is syncronised at this point in time. And not automaticallly adjusted as time progresses. But should there be a need, this reactivation can be done en-masse.

Regards, Raghav