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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In my previous article SAP Smart Business Service - Create Analytic Content in HCP without Coding, I talked about Smart Business Service.

In this article, I will describe how to subscribe Smart Business as Service and get started.


  • Get Access to HCP Account

  • Subscribe SAP HANA Cloud Portal

  • Assign TENANT_ADMIN role to your user

  • Create a Fiori Launchpad Sites

Before subscribing Smart Business as Service, you must complete above mentioned prerequisites.

Get Access to HCP Account

In case you do not have any HCP account, you can create your account in HANA Trial landscape. It is free.

Subscribe SAP HANA Cloud portal

Go to HCP account. Click on “Services” section in left pane. You will see SAP HANA Cloud Portal tile as below.

Click on the tile and click on Enable button to subscribe this service.

The HANA Cloud Portal service will be enabled as below.

Assign TENANT_ADMIN role:

TENANT_ADMIN role must be assigned to user to subscribe to SAP Smart Business Service.

If you subscribe to SAP HANA Cloud Portal, be default TENANT_ADMIN role is assigned to your user.

In case HANA Cloud Portal is already subscribed previously, your user may not have TENANT_ADMIN role. In this case, you need to assign the TENANT_ADMIN role manually.

Go to HANA Cloud Portal Service and click on “Configure SAP HANA Cloud Portal”

Click on Role section and assign the role to your user.


Create a Fiori Launchpad Sites

This is an optional step. If you already have a SAP Fiori Launchpad Sites created, you may skip this.

In case you do not have any Fiori Site, create one. You may check How to create Fiori Site.

 Subscribe SAP Smart Business Service:

Click on “Services” section in left pane. You will see SAP Smart Business Service tile as below.


Click on the “SAP Smart Business Service” tile and click on Enable button.

Add Smart Business Apps to Fiori Site:

Go to Smart Business Service and click on “Configure Smart Business Apps”.


A new page will be opened. Click on Select Site value help. This will show all the sites available.

Select the site where you want to add Smart Business apps and click on Import button.



Smart Business Apps are added to the site. Go to Fiori Launchpad to check the apps. You may also click on “Access Smart Business Service tiles” link to go to Fiori Launchpad.

Based on roles assigned, you may see few or all the Smart Business Apps.

Note: By default, this directs to default site. In case you have imported your Smart Business apps to a different site, go to that particular site to access Smart Business apps.

Update an Smart Business Destination:

Go to Cockpit --> Destination. Edit "flpuis" destination and update a user and password for this destination. This user must have TENANT_ADMIN role and must be registered to SAP ID Provider.

Done!! You are ready to use Smart Business

To know more about Smart Business Service, refer to the articles

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Note: A complete implementation guide on Smart Business Service is also available at SAP-Press.