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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation allows users with IRPASystemManager (or) IRPAOfficer role to share agent groups with other users having an IRPAProjectMember role.

For more information on user roles, please refer to User Roles in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation.

In the following example, let us assume a user JV having the role IRPAOfficer wants to share an agent group (already created) with the user PR having the role IRPAProjectMember.

Initially, we have an agent group created.

On click of the Share button on the top right corner, the following dialog appears.

A new rule could be added by clicking on the + Add button.

Initially, the dialog is populated with user JV's id.

As observed above, the dialog contains three input fields.

  1. Share with: This allows a user to choose the target. It provides four options namely,

    • Anyone - Allows sharing with all users.

    • Group - Allows sharing with User Group(s) [created by tenant admin].

    • User - Allows sharing with User(s).

    • Environment - Allows sharing with an environment.

2. Users: This allows to specify the specific User Group(s) / User(s)/ Environment.

3. Authorizations: If we share with User(s) / Group(s), then we have the following options,


    • Manage - Allows the target to share and manage the agent group.

    • Edit - Allows the target to only edit the agent group but does not allow to share the agent group. The share button is disabled as shown below.

    • Read - Allows the target to only access the agent group. It does not allow to edit nor share the agent group.

In case if we share with Environment, then the authorization input field is disabled with the value Use as shown below.

Click on the Share button after making the modifications for the changes to reflect.

Note: The rights are complementary: if you add the same user multiple times with different rights, the system will automatically gather all the rights under the same user.