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Hi Community,

In this blog I will show the how easily we can set up the WebIDE to create a Fiori project which will utilize the OData service created in backend using Restful ABAP Programming Model.

Steps to be followed are –

  1. Generate a Service binding based on Service Definition. Activated service binding will look like below in ABAP Development Toolkit  -

2. Same service will look like below in transaction - /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE -

3.Now, we will move to SAP WebIDE and create the skeletal project which will use above service    In WebIDE, click on ‘New’ -> ‘Project from Template’ as below -

4. Choose the details as below –


If asked, enter the backend credentials as

Choose the same OData Service as shown in step 1.

Now, we can expand the service and see the created entities –

Final step -

Please click ‘Finish’, now you will be able to work with the application.



In next blog I will share how can we adjust the Fiori Elements application to render all backend facets.


As always thanks for reading and please share your feedback.