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A trypical scenario for many Portal administrators is the need to update multiple object properties for different reasons, be it document Rendering modes, assignments, navigation modes etc.

Fortunately there are tools available under both Netweaver 7.0X and higher which enable the batch setting of these parameters, saving considerable time that it may take to make these changes individually.

Under Netweaver 7.0X systems, the tool is called the "Multiple Property Replacement", while under Netweaver 7.X systems, the tool has been renamed the "Find & Replace" tool.

Caution!: This blog post contains instructions on using a very powerful tool. Incorrect use of this tool may result in content inconsistencies. Please take care while using the tool. The SAP Help documentation regarding this tool, containing more information may be found at the URL below:


For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating under a Netweaver 7.40 system using the "Find & Replace" tool. The objective for this tutorial will be to change the Navigation Mode (NavMode) for multiple iViews from "Display in Portal Content Area" (NavMode0) to "Display in seperate headerless portal window (standards mode)" (NavMode10).

It should be noted there are slight differences between the two tools, however, each tool will support the scenarios that are illustrated below.


  1. We first go to the Content Administration area of the Enterprise Portal. We must have the Portal Super User roles (or equivelent permissions) to access this area
  2. Expand the Portal Content Catalog so that you have visible the folder(s) with the objects contained inside that must be changed in bulk. In this scenario we are going to set the Navigation Mode property in bulk for the iView object type
  3. Right click on one of these folders, hover over Search -> click Find and Replace as below:
  4. Under the Search and Replace wizard: for name, we are going to enter asterisk '*' to show all items, and for Object Type we are going to choose iView as below:
  5. After hitting Next, the tool will display all the iViews maintained under this Folder. At this point any iViews you wish to exclude may be removed from the list. When happy click next.
  6. At this point we must enter the Property Type for the property we want to set in bulk. To locate this, in a new browser tab call your Portal and navigate to Content Administration. Open any of the affected iViews Properties you wish to change. Make sure all properties are shown.
    Now we must locate the iView property we want to set in bulk, in this tutorial this is the "Launch in new window" property:
  7. Under Attributes, click the Show attributes button. The attribute window appears, displaying the Property ID, and descriptive text about possible entries:
  8. From the above we can see the Launch in New Window Property ID is, and the possible values under the description. Now Close the iView.
  9. Navigate back to the Find & Replace wizard, enter the Property ID as above, and we are setting the value to equal 10 (NavMode10). We are also setting the Replacement Method to Overwrite the current value:
  10. At this point the wizard will confirm the iViews to be changed, it will also display the objects current property value. Click the Finish button to confirm the property changes:
  11. Sucess! The properties should now have been changed in bulk! :smile: Check the iViews you have changed to ensure the changes have been made successfully.
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