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SAP HANA Cockpit is one of many administration tools that are available for SAP HANA. It is the recommended tool to manage SAP HANA Databases. Therefore; we are pleased to share with you the following whitepaper that talks about securing SAP HANA Cockpit connections when managing SAP HANA Database(s). 


In this white paper we cover the following topics:

  • Securing Database connection

    • Overview of the Architecture

    • Configuring a secure HANA database connection

    • Registering a secure HANA database connection in the Cockpit

  • Securing and Reset SAP HANA Cockpit Certificate (XSA Domain Certificate)

    • How to reset SAP HANA Cockpit self-signed certificate

    • Generate CA signed certificate for SAP HANA Cockpit

    • Updating SAP HANA Cockpit domain certificate

    • Testing SAP HANA Cockpit with CA signed certificate

  • Mutual SSL/TLS certificate between SAP HANA Cockpit and HDB system

    • Architecture Overview

    • Importing SAP HANA Database Certificate into SAP HANA Cockpit

    • Importing SAP HANA Cockpit Certificate into SAP HANA Database PSE file

    • Setting SAP Cockpit Environment Variable

    • Testing the Mutual SSL/TLS connection

  • Finally a Troubleshooting section

    • Verify the SSL certificate of the SAP HANA Cockpit

    • TLS mutual authentication failed after setting sslvalidatecertificate to true

    • How to undo and reset “sslvalidatecertificate” back to false

In this whitepaper you will find all the steps needed to achieve the following topics that are mentioned above. The whitepaper can be found in the following URL: