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As of 07 April, 2017, the SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 documentation collection -- and all subsequent documentation releases -- are fully searchable! You can search across the entire documentation collection, or you can search inside a single document. This blog post will show you the basics of searching, using SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 PL07 as an example.

Searching for a Term Across the Entire SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 Documentation Collection

  1. In your browser (Chrome recommended) open the Help Portal:

  2. DO NOT enter an IQ search term right away.

  3. DO locate the product page for the IQ release you're interested in:

    • Enter SAP IQ in the "Search across all SAP Products" search bar and hit [Enter], or click the search icon (magnifying glass).

    • SAP IQ displays under Product Pages. Click it.

    • The SAP IQ product page displays. From the version pull down, select 16.0 SP11.

  4. You're now ready to seach the SAP IQ 16.0 SP 11 documentation collection.

  5. Let's say you want information on DAS dbspaces in SAP IQ. Enter the search term and hit [Enter], or click the search icon (magnifying glass):

  6. Help Portal returns a list of SAP IQ 16.0 SP11 topics containing the term "DAS dbspace". The manual each topic is found in shows in smaller, bold, text below the topic title:

  7. Click the topic you're interested in. SAP Help Portal takes you directly to that topic. In the example below, the DAS Dbspaces topic in the Administration: Multiplex book displays:


Searching for a Term Within a Single Document

  1. From the SAP IQ product page, select the version you're interested in.

  2. Click the document you're interested in; for example, Reference: Building Blocks, Tables, and Procedures.

  3. Click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  4. The search bar appears. Make sure Search this document is selected.

  5. Type your search term and hit [Enter], or click the search icon (magnifying glass).

  6. Results show in the Search Results widget. Click on the topic you're interested in:

  7. The topic opens. Happy reading!


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