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My name is Arthur, I am expert on RFC area and work as Support Engineer at SAP Product Support team.

Have you ever find RFC_NO_AUTHORITY dump in your SAP system?

If the answer is Yes, I suggest you checking this short Blog to understand what this dump means and how to adjust the system to avoid this dump.

What does this dump mean?

The RFC_NO_AUTHORITY dump is raised in the target system as a defense mechanism when an application or a routine try to call a function module with an user with limited authorization.

These limitations can be related to items below:

  1. User does not have the authorization object S_RFC.

  2. User have the authorization object S_RFC but the function module is not present in the white list.

Which scenarios this dump can appear?

  1. When permissions for users are recently adjusted. (roles/profiles)

  2. When a new RFC is performed and this permission was not required before.

How to adjust users/permissions to avoid this dump?

The dump content has information about which function needs to be adjusted. Navigate the Guided Answer below to solve the case.

The Guided Answers are a new way to SAP delivery solutions based in each possible scenario.

If you believe that an information is missing or your scenario is not present in the answers, then send your feedback via the "Feedback mechanism" inside the link. It is anonymous.


In summary, this is a dump raised for security purpose.

Therefore, the system administrator should analyze if this permission is acceptable from business perspective.

If changes are required, they should be forwarded to the Security team.