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In the lifetime of a Focused Build Implementation Project, there will be test & migration clients used for different test purposes. Some of them remain in the system, but some of them shall be deleted when they are not used any more. Before that deletion the client should be removed from the Focused Build Release. This article explains, what you have to consider when trying to remove a productive client from a Focused Build Release.

In a Focused Build release it is possible to remove clients from the release quite easily. But if you are trying to remove productive client from a release, you might have some issues to do that. We will clarify the reasons in that article, why it is not as easy as removing a test client and tell you how to remove the productive client in the end.



Let´s make an example and assume having the following 4-tier landscape configured in a Focused  Build Release:

4-tier landscape

Let us assume production client PRD:110 is not necessary any more as it was used for migration purposes. It shall be removed from the Focused Build release.

remove client

So if you navigate to your release in the Release Management APP, you will most likely not succeed to take out the client 110, due to the following reasons:


  • You have transport in the import queue of PRD:110 which are not yet imported

  • You have Work Items that are assigned to productive client PRD:110

So you have to import the transports first into the client & and you have to reassign the Work Items to a different productive client.


Step by Step:


1) To delete a productive client, all transports which are currently waiting for import in the queue of that client needs to be imported first.


So you have to take a look into the queue of PRD:110 and gather all transports which are waiting for import and are part of focused build.


These transports should be attached to Work Items in the status ‘handed over to release’. If you are using the preliminary import function you will probably fin also Transport for reimport, where the Work Items are already closed or in productive or confirmed status or any other status after successfully tested. So you always have to check the queue.


Best time slot to delete a productive client is directly after a release deployment in the productive clients, cause the BATCH_IMPORT_TRIGGER should import all the transports in the queue.


2) To solve the issue with Work Items assigned to the client you like to delete, you have to switch the client assignment from the client you like to delete to a remaining client. In this example from PRD:110 to PRD:100.


For this you can use the report: AI_MODIFY_IBASE_IN_DOC.

AI_MODIFY_IBASE_IN_DOC - for reassignment of docs

If you are unsure about the IBASE Component number of your clients, please take a look in your Ibase catalogue:


Tx: IB52


Selection of Installed Base (IBASE)


Here you find the component number for the client you like to delete (PRD:110)

IBASE entry for PRD:110

and you find the component number for the client you like to assign to (PRD:100).

IBASE entry for PRD:100


After switching all Work Items to a remaining client and importing the queue, you are allowed to take out the client of the release.

For that open your release in the WEBUI, go to edit mode click the more button and choose the entry ‘redefine landscape’.

Redefine landscape

Go to step ‘Define Scope’.

Landscape Scope

Unmark the client you like to remove (PRD:110) and switch to ‘Complete’.

client removal in release

Afterwards the client is removed from the release.



This article explains how to remove a productive client from a Focused Build Release. The procedure is pretty much the same in SAP ChaRM (Change Request Management) and can also be transferred to other clients than Production (like test clients). The removement /change of a development client is not possible with this procedure.